Thursday, July 15, 2010

Dog Days

At one point I knew why they were called "The Dog Days of August."  Not any more.  And it doesn't matter because, as we all know, it isn't even August.  Yet.  One lives in uncomfortable anticipation.  The July '10 Heat Wave Near Philadelphia continues.  I've lost count of how many consecutive days we've had the air conditioning on.  Most summers it is a total of ten days, spread over three months.  It's been at least that long for this particular stretch.  And it isn't even August.

But as long as we're talking Dog Days, here's my favorite dog -- look how big he's getting!  He's his daddy's best friend, and still fancies himself a lap dog, though that particular thinking will need to be revised soon.  I wish I knew how to get that reflection out of his eyes.  It doesn't suit him.  He's had black as well as honey-colored freckles pop out at the rate of one or two per day for the past few weeks, and has begun to grow some fringe on his arms and chest.  Oh, he's going to be gorgeous, Lord Hazelmere of Blackberry is!

When I got home from White Oak, I started in on a gift quilt from some French General fabric I'd picked up, and was moving merrily along until I discovered that I needed more.  I went right to the Old Country Store website and ordered some.  I think that was yesterday.  Or possibly Tuesday.  Not sure.  Anyway, it came today already!  OCS's price for French General was quite a bit less expensive per yard than Hancock's of Paducah's.  Just sayin'.

Anyway, while I was waiting for the shipment to arrive, I finally cut into the batik strips I'd bought from Wanda ages ago.  The blocks came together so quickly, and I'm liking this effort pretty much.  Needs another vertical row yet.  It's the same design as "We The Purple" was.  It seemed like the colors were reflective of autumn and I was thinking of calling it "November Morn," but this afternoon, as the temperature reached the 90s yet again, I thought it might really be about the heat of July, 2010, and oughta be named "Dog Days."


Suzan said...

We have a local springer spaniel rescue. I think there may be one in my future!

Guenveur in Kent said...

Ya got PhotoShop? It has an eye color corrector, very eassy to use. Blackberry is a great looking pup and I know he will be a splendid dawg.
"Dog Days" has something to do with the Dog Star(which appears in August) and nothing to do with heat.August is a beautiful month, with great sunsets.
WV: suggi - what you have a lot of in your family, both human and canine.

Pat said...

Geez, a fur lap quilt in July? It's gotta be love, cuz no one in their right mind would be sporting that Near Philadelphia otherwise. You better keep LH of B locked up because I might just come to take him away. sigh.

I LOVE OCS!!! They have lovely fabric, and wonderful prices. You cannot beat their service either.

LizA. said...

Good luck with the eye thing. I have the same problem with Arlo's eyes. They are more amber than brown and always reflect yellow rather than red. All photo correcting programs only correct for red. The only thing I've been able to do is copy his eye from an outside photo and paste it into an indoor shot using Photo Elements or Photoshop.

Love the batiks.

Mrs. Goodneedle said...

Blackberry is one handsome pup!

No dog blocks in that lovely top, it's a stunner.

altar ego said...

I love that quilt! And I think Dog Days is a great name for it.

If you ever figure out how to get rid of the reflection in dogs' eyes, please share!

Exuberant Color said...

The fabrics look great in that pattern. It makes me want to pull out my browns and rusts and beiges and start playing with them (and dream of a cool autumn).