Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Dude, I Got a Dell!

Well, the verdict came in this morning.  The Toshiba laptop is history.  I took it to work this morning and had my favorite tech guy, Hoss, take a look, which he was so gracious to do.  It didn't take long for him to return, telling me that the light for the screen had burned out and there was nothing that could be done.

Truth be told, I wasn't surprised.  I'd pretty much suspected this was going to be the case.  Although it really does seem to me that I should be able to get more than two years out of a laptop.  The Toshiba was the second one I'd bought since I began blogging a little over four years ago. 

Joe had said this morning that if I needed a new one to think about an HP.  He feels very good about HP.  I asked Hoss what he recommended.  He told me either HP or Dell would be his choice.

So after work I went shopping.  A twelve-year-old who works at the store counseled me and showed me a few different laptops.  I really was charmed by the tiny ones; I think they are called "notebooks."  But the twelve-year-old said that these don't have a CD drive, and I think I need that.  To play The Sims, if nothing else, the next time the urge strikes me.  We talked about HP and Dell and looked at various models.  The HPs were considerably more expensive than the Dells, and ultimately we settled on an Inspiron 1245, whatever that means.  The lad led me to the tower where the parcels were stacked and asked, "What color do you want?"  Color?  Aren't they black?  They are not.  "You can have blue or purple.  I think we are out of red but I can check." 

Oh, my.  Purple!

Marsha, eat your heart out.


Melinda said...

Purple is a great color but I would really like lime green.

Gretchen said...

Ooooooo! Good for you! Purple is one of my favorite colors so you definitely made a good choice ;) I have a Dell laptop (a XPS M1210)that's a couple of years old and has worked well for me. I adore it (it's my second Dell laptop).

Nanci said...

My last laptop was an HP and I got a little less than 2 years out of it so I switched to Toshiba hoping for better luck, I hope this isn't a bad sign. Love the purple!

KimQuiltz said...

Oh my! How can one resist color like that?? Nice.

Pat said...

Another round of We the Purple? Were you able to transfer files & all of that good stuff? Glad you are up and running again m'dear.

BTW, the way, for someone so besotted of William Morris, you should know the color is aubergine. Bill would cringe at "purple".

Lurline said...

So happy you are chatting again - I try to read most of the time! I guess we are so behind in Oz, I just about have a neervous breakdown when something hapens to my computer - great colour!
Hugs - Lurline♥

Anonymous said...

Nancy: I wish you had blogged about the problem and maybe you did and I missed it - Bill's laptop monitor went out a week or so ago and it was fixed (including the part) for $260. I hope you did not throw your old one away because it can be fixed. All our computers are Dell (the families have some of each) Love, CA cuz

Chuck Jones said...

I share your bewilderment that a laptop won't last more than two years.

howdidIgethere said...

My soon-to-be-a-senior daughter still has the laptop she got prior to her freshman year in college. She too had a screen problem at some time in the past and the technician came to the college and fixed it for her.

And, yeah... you BET I'm eating my heart out!
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