Shout Out

Need to give a great big shout-out to Bonnie Blue Quilts today.

I've seen their stand at a couple of shows and have bought some fabric from them and drooled over quite a bit more.  Recently I needed a particular fabric to finish a project and I ordered from Bonnie Blue on line.  There was a bit of a snag, and at the time, but it got resolved quickly and easily.  I found what I needed at another on-line shop and put the whole thing out of my mind.

Today the postal person brought me a small package from Richmond, Texas.  "Who the heck do I know there?" I wondered, as the postal sticky thingy was over the top line of the return address label.  Turned out to be Bonnie Blue herself, with a giftie and a note:

We apologize that your refund was not prompt.  Bonnie Blue Quilts strives to give great Customer service.  We want to let you know that your PayPal has been refunded $32.80.  We will be more careful of this matter in the future.  We have enclosed one of Paula's newest quilt designs as a small token of our customer appreciation.  We know you have other options to fill your shopping needs and we hope you will give us the opportunity to serve you in the future.

Now, I ask you (rhetorically), is that not fantastic?  Way to go, Bonnie Blue, and you BET I'll be back.  If not on line, at the next show.


Quiltgranny said…
Oh yes, Nancy! We love Bonnie Blue folks here in the Midwest too! They're the greatest! And this just solidfies our thoughts!
Nancy said…
And you have just told all of us what nice customer service they have. I have never heard of Bonnie Blue, but now I will be checking them out thanks to you..
Ooo... is that the newest pattern?
Nice! Its always great to see customer service isn't dead.
Nicole said…
Do you recall my recent online ordering fiasco with a certain company? Your experience was the complete opposite of mine! I should send the company who was so rotten to me a link to your post! Yea for Bonnie Blue. I have always been so satisfied with all my purchases from them.
Lurline said…
That's nice, Nancy - restores one's faith in humanity - beautiful quilt pattern, too!
Hugs - Lurline
Pat said…
Good news travels fast, and it's great to spread the word about a good place to shop. And they have a wonderful selection of fabrics as well!

That pattern is lovely, but looks like quite a challenge. Just the thing to use up your scraps?

Love the WV today, THINALIN. It's a brand new fabric invention quaranteed to make you look 30 lbs lighter. Do you think Bonny Blue carries it?
Lori said…
Now that's customer service that goes above and beyond!!!
Juliann said…
I too love Bonnie Blue and it does not surprise me to read your story but it is nice of you to give them a shout out.
Salem Stitcher said…
I love me some Bonnie Blue. They are always so friendly and warm when I see them at the shows and their fabrics and patterns make me swoon. Now that I see they know how to treat their customers away from the show, I'll be on their website. (Plus I've GOT to have that new pattern. That is loverly.)
Peggy said…
Paula and Mary Ellen are two great people! I was lucky enough to live in Texas for 8 years and Paula taught me so many quilting skills in her classes at our lqs at the time. I'm so glad they are doing so well! A big shout out to the both of them.