Monday, July 05, 2010

A Three Day Weekend, In Three Images

Guess who came to Near Philadelphia for his very first Fourth of July?  Who attended the foot races and decorated bicycle competition down at the park?  Who sat in the sweltering heat through most of the parade?  Who was quite the hit at the picnic afterward?  Who even hung around for a few of the fireworks?

Elijah Boo, that's who!

Here he is with his mommy, sporting his signature hairstyle.  Andrew, Amy and Eli arrived Saturday afternoon and were able to stay with us until Monday morning.  A&A were not able to hold him very much!

When we bought our house, about eleven years ago, we were given an American flag as a gift.  It had sat, carefully wrapped, in the hall closet.  Because we lacked a pole, and we lacked a bracket.

Sunday morning that was remedied; Joe designed a block of wood that he fastened to the front of the house with the bracket affixed to it.  Here is our very first flag ceremony, with Andrew as assistant officer in charge.

We had about 30 adults at our picnic and people brought delicious things to share.  Joe's fireworks were spectacular; the one's provided by the Patriotic Association no less so.  It was deemed a very successful Fourth of July.

On Saturday morning I began sewing the rows of Bill's Baskets together and set it aside when A, A&E arrived.  Today, after getting some laundry going, and tidying up a bit, I got back to the project, and


Here's Bill.  Later on, I'm going to lay him down on my bed (ooooh the scandal!) and see if he needs additional borders or if he is just fine as he is.

I'm so in love with him . . . .

Nancy, Near Philadelphia


altar ego said...

Well, you did see him first, but I'M in love with Bill, TOO! My, oh My! He has come together nicely.

Glad you got a bracket for your flag--we must do the same. And I swear your day sounded too fun. I DO wish you were closer so we could atte4nd.

Melinda said...

I like Bill very much also. Love the signature hairstyle.

Pat said...

Boudoir Billy -- he sure does get around. This is absolutely the most stunning thing I've seen in a long time!

Elijah Boo is da bomb. What a cutie, and what a distinctive 'doo. You are indeed blessed!

Nicole said...

Best Bill quilt I have ever seen!
Glad you had a lovely weekend with the family.

Quiltdivajulie said...

Wonderful (!) basket quilt ... scandalous or not!

Glad you had a wonderful weekend - we did, too.

Linda said...

Elijah Boo just makes me want to laugh with him!
Lurking Linda

Susan said...

Bill is every bit as handsome as your previews led us to believe he'd be!

And Elijah--could there be a cuter baby???

Gretchen said...

Elijah Boo is adorable! I love his joie de vivre hairdoo! Mr. Morris' baskets are so dreamy. A most excellent quilt!

Lisa D. said...

Wow - your basket quilt is absolutely stunning. What a great use of those fabrics!