Friday, May 04, 2012

Never Forget

Allison Krause
Jeffrey Miller
Sandra Scheuer
William Schroeder


Salem Stitcher said...

Insanity. Hopefully to never repeat itself.

Linda K said...

Your post definitely stopped me in my tracks this morning. My sister went to Kent State. She had come home ( westside of Cleveland area) for the weekend and I drove her back to school the evening of May 3rd. It was a tense scene- I was stopped twice, asked why I was there and told to leave as soon as I dropped my sister off, as non-students were not allowed on campus. My sister called home on May 4th, hysterical at what she was observing from her dorm window. My Dad went and picked her up. Kent State was closed for quite sometime, but when it reopened my sister did not return. She never finished college. And she does not talk about that day....Never Forget

Janet O. said...

That photo brings back all of the insecurity and fear of that time. If we forget, we repeat.