Look What I Bought!

No, I didn't buy fabric. Really I didn't.

I bought this pattern! And it is going to make a great quilt. Or two. Or three. I could see this becoming my go-to quilt. Truly I could.

Well, no, I haven't made the quilt yet. For pete's sake, I just downloaded the pattern. And I've got a few other things going on.  But let me tell you some of the things that strike me about this pattern after perusing it:

. . . The delivery of the pdf was PDQ.
. . . The directions are clear.
. . . The illustrations are excellent.
. . . The cover picture is gorgeous.
. . . The designer provides alternate lay-outs.
. . . It would be easy to change the size of the quilt by increasing either the size of the block, the number of blocks, or both.

And, no, I have no affiliation with Kristy Daum (I never even heard of her until yesterday). Honestly I don't.

Could you see this made of batiks on white? On black? Could you see it made from left-over kid prints on cream? Could you see it totally and I mean totally scrappy? Could you see it a bazillion different ways?  I know you could. Because I can. And once you start thinking about it and picturing all that you could do with this pattern, you're going to just have to go here and get yourself a copy. Really you will.


Oh, I am totally loving this pattern! Great way to use all kinds of scraps and I have a new appreciation for using gray as a neutral. Must.buy.this!
Kristy said…
Nancy, I'm so excited that you like my MAZED pattern. Thanks for the kind words and for the free publicity :-)
Quiltdivajulie said…
I'll be watching to see how your first version of this goes together . . .
LizA. said…
I love this--and you're right, it would be a great "go to" pattern. As soon as we get back from our weekend of camping I will be purchasing this pattern. Thanx for sharing.
Bobbi said…
Very cool, very modern! I like it too, think I might need it also! You know, scrappy-is-me and this is a fresh new approach.
Pat said…
Love it. I'll bet Honna could do it too!
Mrs. Goodneedle said…
Love, love, love it. I'm going to check it out... you *made* me.
Janet O. said…
Ah, batiks with black--you've got me there!
Yes, so many possibilities!!
oh yeah, batiks...that's the way to go...and aberdeen? she is beautiful!