A Bit of a Break

Joe and I had a wonderful time visiting Aberdeen Elizabeth and her brother and parents weekend before last. It felt so good to snuggle with someone that little. It was great to see Tom and Anastasia and to play with Nate.

And on the way home, we stopped and had a short but sweet visit with Andrew, Amy, and happy Eli.

I had every intention of blogging about these events. As well as Caroline's dance recital the week before the baby came.

But I didn't. Came home to all of the hectivity of this time of year at a school with some additional wrinkles atop. I've tried for a week to catch up. That hasn't happened. Which is kind of odd for me. So I'm thinking that I just might need a bit of a Blog Break.

First, though, I really must share my Degas photo.

Now, please don't go far away! I'll be back. As soon as things settle down.

I promise.


I figured you were off snuggling a baby! We will all be here when you get back!!
I'll leave the light on for you.
Janet O. said…
The photo is much cuter than anything Degas did!
Enjoy your break--all of it! : )
AnnieO said…
Sweet times with littles--glad you savored it. Love the Degas photo :) Try to enjoy the hustle and bustle...