Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Time Out

It's one of those times when a lot is wrong and not a whole lot is right.

The cough continues.

A friend was suddenly hospitalized with a scary diagnosis; she's home now and doing well. But still.

Another friend was hospitalized and then sent home and then back in with only possibilities and no definite diagnosis. Scary.

And yesterday I received very upsetting news about a friend who does not live nearby.

In the small change department, I followed instructions in a recent issue of "Block" for some Dresden Plate placemats. I carefully fussy-cut the plate centers according to the size prescribed. Yup. They are too small and I'm out of the fussy-cut fabric, so will have to make larger, more mundane centers. A minor annoyance. But not what I'm up for just now.

I realized this morning that I'm in a time out blogwise, and am just going to let that continue for a bit. Until things settle down.