Quick Little Baby Quilt

I found the original quilt on Pinterest and saved it, knowing someday I'd have to do it. There was a larger version, in grey rather than dusty blue, and I printed it out but don't know the source any more.

The other day I had a urge to do something quick that involved grey and brights. I remembered the wonky triangles quilt and put it together over the past few days.

It's going in the pile of neutral gender baby quilts. I think I'll hand quilt it.

You should be able to make the photo larger by clicking on it.


Janet O. said…
That is a nice design for a quick quilt. Looks like fun because you don't have to match up the edges of the triangles. : )
Anonymous said…
That just looks like fun, Nancy! It would be great for some of the scraps I have around here - a whole kleenex box of weird triangle shapes. I finished another toddler quilt from the bag of blocks your group sent!
Barbara Anne said…
What a charming and cozy baby quilt with the soft colors and the happy brights! Not complicated, but just perfect!