Monday, October 05, 2015

Autumn Clean-Out

Here's the responsible landlord hard at work. Finally.

We have been terrible landlords. It has been two years -- possibly three? -- since we cleaned out the birdhouses.

Each autumn, by the time we think of it, some of our sparrows have begun using the houses for winter shelter. And we never have been able to tell exactly when that phase ends and the nesting phase begins.

So today was the day. We have a generous half-dozen residences hanging under our deck, visible from the broad window in the lower level. The red house, in particular, is near to the window where I sew, and I monitor the comings and goings all through the nesting season. We get either three or four sets of baby sparrows from that house each year. And there's no reason to think the occupants of the other houses are any less prolific.
Prime real estate: The Red House.

Here's what we cleaned out of the houses.
Here's a close-up from the red house nest debris

Some of the nest builders used feathers from blue jays and from cardinals to feather their nests. There was a lot of clear cellophane mixed in with each nest. We have a place where we hang yarn and some very small fabric scraps, and most of the builders went for the navy blue yarn. Only one had any fabric scraps.

When each house was cleaned out, I put some batting scraps in the bottom, thinking the sparrows might like the softness and warmth it would provide in the coming winter.

Some of the other residences

Such a satisfying afternoon! I know His eye is on these sparrows, and it's great to help Him out!


Janet O. said...

Quite the sparrow condos you have going there. Interesting to see what they do and don't choose to put in their nests.

Samplings from Spring Creek said...

Wonderful of you to provide shelter for our feathered friends but also maid-service!

Barbara Anne said...

We need to do that very task as well as to repair a couple of the bird houses. Thanks for the reminder! I wonder how the residents will like the batting?

I, too, put small fabric scraps out for the birds and squirrels and they do seem to disappear but have found only one nest with my fabric scraps woven in.


Tanya said...

How nice for the sparrows. Occasionally I'll spot a yard with a bird house but I've never seen one that has actually been used! You have quite a lot of tennants!

Quiltdivajulie said...

Satisfying, indeed. The batting bottom seems like a good idea -- will be interesting to see if they leave it in or drag it out.