Kaffe-ish Baskets

More baskets have been born to join the first two that I made at Black Rock.

I don't know how many more there will be. Enough so that it isn't immediately apparent that there are two of each. But not so many that it turns into a great, big bed-size quilt.

I love basket blocks. The first two are my favorite from this batch. But more will come.

As I think about these baskets, it occurs to me that I really like the "base" -- what the basket sits on -- for the first two baskets (the ones at the very bottom of the photo) and I believe I'm going to remove the other six bases and make the base consistent throughout the quilt.

I've got an amazing leader-ender at present, too. The Queen Bee for November designs paper-piecing patterns, and when she gave us the papers to piece the blocks for her, she generously gave us extras plus the recipe for completing the blocks.  So I'm trying this as a L-E for a while. It is an easy paper-piecing pattern, otherwise, well, you know how I feel about that technique. I'd rather give a cat a bath.


Barbara Anne said…
Good idea about making the basket bases from the same fabric in this wonderfully scrappy basket quilt. It's nice, too, that you thought of this before making all of the blocks!

I have similar mixed feelings about paper piecing. In the past, I did it successfully but with intense concentration and got good results but it's far from a favorite technique. Looking forward to seeing your Leader-Ender.

We've had more than 24 hours of rain in varying amounts. Glub, glub!

Quiltdivajulie said…
Llike the idea to have all baskets sitting on a similar surface - like those first 2 a lot!

Give a cat a bath - hah!
AnnieO said…
Pretty baskets. I'm not a fan of paper piecing either. My favorite cat was pretty tolerant of baths. He's been gone 10 years and I still miss him!
Janet O. said…
I think a consistent basket base will provide nice continuity.
A good friend of mine just returned from a retreat with Kaffe. She was in heaven. Kaffe fabrics are her favorites!