Saturday, July 08, 2017

First Things First?

My second grandson, Nate, turned seven this past spring. Since he was five, he has been intrigued by fabric and fascinated by sewing. The last several times he has visited here, I've worked with him using Bernina to make some simple quilt blocks, of which he is so proud.

I told him at the get-go that when he was eight if he was still interested in sewing, I would buy him a machine. But he had to wait until he was eight.

Awhile back I bought a Hello Kitty machine, thinking it would be a good light-weight travel machine. As it turned out, it IS a good light-weight travel machine, but once you've sewing on a Bernina for twenty years . . . .  I bought a new lighter-weight Bernina for travel and set Miss Kitty aside for when Nate turned eight.

Just around the time that school let out, Nate's mom told me excitedly that the LQS was having a week-long sewing camp for kids nine and older. Nate has a friend who also wanted to sew and when my DIL contacted the shop they told her that the class wasn't full yet, and they would take the two seven-year-olds if they could find an assistant teacher. They did, and the report I received is that Nate produced and brought home a new project every day!

My daughter was going down South to visit her brother, so I sent Miss Kitty along with her. I included about 20 FQs that I had won in a game and a treasure I'd found on Amazon. It was a small wooden box containing sewing essentials, just the kind of thing a kid would adore. Under the lift-out tray I included extra bobbins for Miss Kitty, a package of blue-head pins, and a 1/4" foot.

My daughter reported that Nate was, of course, delighted at the gift. He turned first to the little box of goodies, rummaged around, and then cried out, "Where's the seam ripper? You GOTTA have a seam ripper!"

Sherry assured him that certainly Grandmom would have included one and there it was. THEN he was able to turn to examine the machine!


Shasta Matova said...

That's so funny and so cute. He is right, you do have to make sure you have a seam ripper. Hide those mistakes before anyone else notices.

Janet O. said...

What a great story, Nancy!
I hope Nate develops a love for sewing that serves him well throughout his life! A man who can sew is worth his weight... : )

Quiltdivajulie said...

Awesome in every way!

Barbara Anne said...

Sweet! My sons were very interested in my sewing machine because it had a motor and a foot pedal for speeding (or not!). Their Dad's woodworking tools and machines won out in the long run, tho. Still, both can thread a machine, fill a bobbin, sew a seam, and sew on a button so that's something good.


Karla said...

This post had me smiling from the get go! ❤️

Patty Nordahl said...

Wonderful story. Tell Nate to send you a
Picture of his projects cor you to share.

Mrs. Goodneedle said...

I love absolutely every. single. thing. about this post! Yes, he is the perfect age to learn. This summer Mason will learn too, I will be sure he gets a seam ripper with the sewing kit I am assembling for him. Hugs to you!

Millie said...


Carol- Beads and Birds said...

I'm telling you, I love it when a boy shows an interest in sewing. My grandson's had a 6 week course in school and didn't show much interest in going further. However, I raised one of my grandson's and it always makes me smile when he goes into my "room" to find a needle and thread. I bead too so he has learned how to repair jewelry. My youngest grandson always wanted to crochet when he watched me so I taught him. He's our engineer.

That little sewing box is so perfect and a great gift to keep all his life.
xx, Carol

Nann said...

Nate has his priorities in order! Be sure to post photos of his accomplishments.

Shirley King said...

Hi Nancy, I just got my new AQS magazine ,and saw you live in Glenside. If you live near Reading, well it is a small world after all.
I live in Glenside in the 70ss when my Husband went to Vietnam.My sister lives in Sinking Springs. She has just started sewing ,she is 77,never had an interest,but now she has the bug.Love your barn, was great reading all about you. Happy Quilting Shirley King. My sister is Marilyn Guidici, husband Bill was a barber for many years ,you never know maybe your hubby knows him