On The Road: Part Six

 The last park we visited was Grand Tetons National Park in Jackson, Wyoming. We were told this was the home of Dick Cheney. He had the good sense to leave us alone if, in fact, he was even in town. We stayed at the [not so] Rustic Inn (internet photo) and found it to be ideal.

The room was quite large with a separate sitting area. Like all of the other places we stayed, there were refrigerator, microwave, and coffee maker for our use.

The front porch became a favorite place; we were located beside the creek and we enjoyed getting to know a nesting Canada goose, though I do not believe that the pleasure was mutual.

The Tetons were absolutely gorgeous. We didn't find the animals to be as up close and personal as they had been at Custer and Yellowstone, but it didn't matter because everywhere were the mountains, totally different from anywhere else we'd been.

 One evening we went on another open-jeep wildlife safari expeditions. We didn't see any marmots, but I really liked the sign.

 Another interesting experience at Teton was a river safari. It wasn't one of those "ride the rapids" types, but a calmer expedition, designed for viewing wildlife. We saw beavers, eagles, etc., and again the terrific scenery. 

Once again, the guide was knowledgable, friendly, and interesting. We shared the boat with a family of four from Texas.

As we drove back and forth from [not so] Rustic Inn and the park, we passed a huge area that was a preserve where elk could winter over. Obviously, there were no elk in June.

We also would drive past the National Wildlife Art Museum, something we had never heard of before. I am so glad we decided to stop there! The sculptures were wonderful. This moose is the only one I saw, though Joe did photograph a live one using his telescopic camera lens. The museum had paintings as well as the sculptures, and a little cafe that we found inviting. We had our lunch outside on the patio, looking out over the mountains.

Such a wonderful two weeks, and how fortunate am I to have been able to just go along as a guest -- Joe planned and arranged everything!


Janet O. said…
Isn't the grandeur of the Tetons something? We have seen more bears in that area than we have in Yellowstone, in the past couple of decades.
Jenny Lake was a favorite area with our children. Don't know if you made it there. But it sounds as though you had an ideal location--having your own porch in the Tetons is saying something.
I've enjoyed your journey.
Karla said…
Your trip has made me want to go out again. Glad you enjoyed it and shared with us all!
Margie said…
I live in Wyoming and have a daughter in Jackson. We go to rhe art museum often. That buffalo is my favorite.
I could live out there. I would love a painting like the buffalo in my living room wall...yes, the entire wall. I love Bison and Moose too.
xx, Carol