Black and White

A week or so after we returned from the West, a group of us had an impromptu sewing day down in the church's Fellowship Hall.

I didn't take my machine. Instead, I took a rotary cutter with a new blade and a whole Rubbermaid tub of black, white, and gray fabrics.

I'd seen a picture of a quilt that I wanted to try to make. The picture was all bright Kaffe fabrics, but I knew I had that tub of neutrals . . . .

Here are all of the units up on the wall. They've since been sewn together and the flimsy is complete.

It looks pretty much like this.


I like that pattern a lot. I love quilts where the blocks seem to encroach on each other. I just ordered a T-shirt quilt book because some of the patterns do that.
xx, Carol
AnnieO said…
Very interesting! I recently mixed black and white prints with bright colors and was surprised at how much I liked the combo!
Janet O. said…
Very graphic, striking design. I like what you created. Don't know that I would have envisioned this if the original was in bright Kaffe fabrics, but I really like it.
Quiltdivajulie said…
Oh, I like this VERY much!!!!!
Barbara Anne said…
How cool is that?! Well done! I like it a lot in your color choice but methinks the Kaffe fabrics would have been just too wild and unsettling.

Except for the center HSTs, it's a lot like the Shade Cascade pattern I used several years to make wall quilts for our sons. I suppose the blocks for that pattern are called Chevron Log Cabin if memory serves.

I wonder if DS1 and his sweetie would like the pattern in your color choices? They like all things black but also turquoise and greens.

It's raining cats and dogs here.

Nann said…
Great quilt! It looks as though it's been filtered -- wonder what it would look like if you applied a "color" filter to it? LOL.
Anonymous said…
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