Monday, February 26, 2018

Doing My Bit

A woman from my town has announced that she is running for Congress. She's been a State Rep for awhile and had planned to pursue a different office until the very recent redistricting for Pennsylvania made this campaign a viable option.

I don't know her personally, but she's been a good State Rep, a lifelong resident of this little town Near Philadelphia, and is a member of the church next-door to mine. And she's of my political persuasion. She's saying the right things and I'm eager to hear  more. So I've filled out an on-line form and contacted someone connected with her campaign to see how I might volunteer to work for her election.

I've never been very active politically, and I think that's part of the problem that led me to this decision. A year and a half ago, I expressed some concern about Trump vs. Clinton to someone far more savvy than I am, and that woman assured me, "Don't worry. Hillary's going to win." So I didn't worry. And I didn't do anything more than vote. Now I'm thinking I was complacent in the face of such high stakes. I don't mean to imply that I think I could have persuaded someone set on voting for the opposition to vote for Mrs. Clinton, not that at all. But perhaps I could have been a part of motivating someone who didn't vote at all to have voted.

I'm convinced that this 2018 election is going to be an important one. So I'm going to work for this woman's campaign. I remember how much I loved the 2008 primary when I did data entry for Mr. Obama. I went for an hour or two almost every day after work at my day job. It was exhilarating to be around all the optimistic young people working for Hope and Change. I'm looking forward to experiencing that again. And also to saying, "I'm With Her."


Janet O. said...

Good for you, Nancy!
I have been very politically involved in the past, but lately haven't done much more than vote. I need to follow your example.

stitchinpenny said...

No matter your political view every person should want you to volunteer because the thing that makes the US great is that we can express our views and work to make our dreams come true.

Barbara Anne said...

May your actions inspire others to service and ALL to VOTE! Oh, and do away with the electoral college, too, please and thank you!


Carol- Beads and Birds said...

THANK YOU NANCY!! I have always for as long as I can remember been very political. I think that is because my mother was a member of the Woman's Democratic Club in Michigan City Indiana. I remember working at fundraisers when I was a teen and meeting most of the candidates for local and federal positions in my town. I work on campaigns canvasing and clerically now. I stood in freezing weather with my teen grandsons waiting to see Hillary when she came to Mishawaka Indiana during her first campaign. I've met President Obama and President Clinton when they campaigned in Elkhart and South Bend. Though my candidate does not always win, I know that I did work in their support. Money is important to a campaign, but volunteering is too, maybe more.
xx, Carol

Quiltdivajulie said...

Kudos to you for getting involved. I am watching and waiting to see who is running in our area (a very Republican area) to see if I can find someone to support. The past few years have not had great local or state candidates - maybe this year!

LizA. said...

good for you! this part of washington state is about as red as it gets. and sadly, we have this stupid top two from the primary make it to the actual ballot so quite often there are only republicans to choose from.....very discouraging. but, i've been hearing some rumblings from the local democrats and i'm going to go investigate the next gathering they have.