Additional Gems from CNN Today

  • Man Gets Jail for Throwing Pickles
  • EMT Gives Cat Mouth-to-Nose After Fire
  • Cheerleader Trampled by Players at Game
  • B+ -- 3 Stars -- Britney Album Ain't That Bad
  • Old Prostitute Left Streets, Needed Walker

I swear, they are driving me to the BBC.


Juliann in WA said…
Nancy - step away from the CNN websites before you lose your mind!
Kim said…
I came to see the morning news and get a's a very sad world we live in....
have a quilty day :)
Nicole said…
I think I will make today a News Free day!
NoVA Dad said…
Welcome to the BBC! I've been here for quite a while -- glad to know I'm no longer alone. It's incredible what passes for news these days; Edward R. Murrow must be rolling over in his grave.