Letters . . . We Get Letters . . . We Get Lots and Lots of Letters

Well, not letters, as in the put a stamp on it variety. Responses, messages, input. We get lots of them.

Apparently my comment on the ice bucket craze touched a nerve. I heard from a bunch of people who shared my sentiments. And I heard from some who needed to tell me how important this phenomenon is. Golly, one person sent a blog comment, a Bloglovin comment, and a private Facebook message, each written separately, all to take me to task for my position. A bit of overkill, I think.

Yes, I have a friend who's dad died of Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis. And I have another friend who has a much-too-young son with this diagnosis. I know it is a horrible disease and that it is tragic that there is no cure. I've sent contributions, in fact, not just to this cause but to others when the spirit has moved me.

I still think this promotion is dumb. And I can sleep very well at night knowing that there are others who feel passionately that it is a great and glorious thing.

'Nuff said.


Quiltdivajulie said…
Article in today's NYT tells story of stunt and agrees the stunt has several issues - ‘Ice Bucket Challenge’ Has Raised Millions for ALS Association
Barbara Anne said…
As long as the money comes in and goes to research to find a cure. Could it be that perhaps some folks need to do good deeds in public? This ice bucket gimmick seems to me to be a waste of water. Just give!

Bobbi said…
Of course if it wasn't for the gimmick, the ALS Association would be about $14,000,000 poorer now than it was this time last year. I think most people take the challenge AND also dump the ice water so they can pass the challenge to others. I hope no one challenges me but I'm going to make a donation today anyway, just because I've been made more aware of the big need. I know there are other worthy and needy causes (some that I support on a regular basis) but I haven't supported ALS in the past - but will do so now, if just this one time.
suz said…
some people need the incentive to give - I work a charity at my office (full of well-paid attorneys - I'm a low-paid secretary) and I need to constantly give incentives...but I agree, it's a dumb thing to do
Anonymous said…
I take no position except to say that of all people, it is Charlie Sheen who has classed it up. He dumped a bucket of cash over his head and challenged his former 2 1/2 Men stars to match his $10,000 donation to ALS.