Each spring my granddaughter's ballet school director holds a massive tea party at the ballet school to benefit Susan G. Komen. Last year I asked if she would like a little girl's quilt for the raffle area; she would. I told her I would make a quilt for her tea party every year that Caroline takes dance lessons. Here is my quilt for this year. While I have some issues with Susan G. Komen, I have nothing but admiration for Jane Lopoten and her ballet school.


Mrs. Goodneedle said…
As lovely and graceful as a ballerina! You are so kind and generous, I know this will be well received and beneficial to the cause!
Karla said…
It is fantastic! You are one kind and generous woman.
Barbara Anne said…
What a charming and delightful pink little quilt! Applause and heartwarming thanks for making it for such a worthy cause.

Janet O. said…
You are always finding worthwhile places for your quilts. You made a beautiful quilt for a ballerina and some little girl will love it while her ballet school benefits from the sale. Nice job.
I just love girly quilts and this one is really nice.