Epic Trip Part One: Valletta, Malta

It's been a busy and interesting nearly-six-weeks. Somebody posted a comment on one of my recent posts saying s/he believed I must be traveling. She was correct, but I had to delete her friendly observation because, really, who wants to let the whole world speculate on whether someone's house might be uninhabited for a time?

We left on October 20 and on the 21st found ourselves in Valletta, Malta. Such a pretty place with a strange and intriguing history! Our hotel was small and located close to things we wanted to see during our short stay. The view from our window, as you can see, was beautiful.

We hadn't done any restaurant research prior to leaving home,   and we were tired when we arrived, so it was nice to learn that the hotel had a dinner buffet at a very reasonable price. In the evening we wandered around the neighborhood for a little while, and turned in early.

We had about half a day available for sightseeing on our own, and we made the most of it.

We didn't have the opportunity to patronize this picturesque carriage ride.

Valletta is a city of steep hills and beautiful buildings.

Another lovely view.

It's true!

See what I mean?

Ever get the feeling you are being watched?

The Maltese language is truly the most unusual I've encountered.


looks beautiful from your room.............would love to visit a white/cream city..........
Barbara Anne said…
Ah, HA! I knew you and your sweetie must have been on one of your wonderful and well-planned trips hither, thither, and yon!

Malta! You are two lucky ducks. It looks wonderful.

I'm playing catch-up today as this past Tuesday I had left cataract surgery.