Not too long ago, both Lynne and Julie (both of whom I consider to be friends though we've yet to meet) were doing things with slabs and I admired them all so much. This Slabs quilt is my interpretation of the genre. I used some of the wee scraps from the Allison Glass and some other fabrics to make the colored centers, various blacks-on-whites for the first round and assorted blurry blacks for the second. I think you can make it bigger if you click on it. The back, which I forgot to photograph, is newsprint, black on white. This quilt doesn't have a home yet; I like it so much it just might have to join the group that resides here, Near Philadelphia.

Blackberry says he likes it because so much of it is his colors.


Janet O. said…
Here in Utah I am voting for you to keep this one, if my vote counts for anything.
BTW, I'd say Blackberry isn't enamored with modeling. :)
Quiltdivajulie said…
I happen to think this is spectacular - I especially like the variations in the black backgrounds and how much life they add to the quilt. WELL DONE!!! (and perhaps next year we can remedy that "never met in person" part . . . )
Barbara Anne said…
What a happy, colorful quilt! Yes, do keep it and the grandchildren can take turns sleeping under it at your house, near Philadelphia!

Synthia said…
Excellent-------Excellent---------Excellent. A stunning quilt for sure.