Spring Retreat Project

This past weekend was our Guild's spring retreat. I believe there were 30 or so participating and, as always, we had a delightful time. 

I took just one project along. Last year one of the Bee participants had us make these interesting blocks using all different prints. I was intrigued by the block but the overall look was too busy for me. I decided to go with hot colors and blurry blacks and whitishes.

I accomplished this much at the retreat. One of my tablemates didn't like the black and suggested replacing them with hot colors. I thought about it.

When I came home, I discussed this with Himself, who liked the black, liked the blocks, and suggested a different arrangement. This lay-out will create a zig-zag of white between the rows rather than the horizontal diamonds. The vertical diamonds will remain.

This isn't going to be a quick finish, and that's okay. I've been trying to choose projects that are more intricate, that take longer.

I don't name all of my quilts. This one seems to want a name, and perhaps it will come to me as I continue. Or maybe one of you readers will think of the right name.


Janet O. said…
I am glad no one talked you out of the black. To me the contrast makes the hot colors appear hotter. I like that!
And Himself should hire out as a quilt consultant. Would never have come up with that lay-out idea, but it is brilliant. Adds a visual element that is unique to your quilt.
Quiltdivajulie said…
Himself's layout is perfect! Mango Salsa springs to mind as a possible name -- or Tequila Sunrise (hot tropical climate, "white" sands, inky black nights . . . ) REALLY like this!
great mix of colours.....lovely blocks.........
Tanya said…
Ooh pretty! Love the eye-popping colors!
Anonymous said…
"Dancing Stars" comes to my mind as a name for this happy group of stars but I quite like the names "Mango Salsa" and "Tequila Sunrise" that Julie suggested.

Nann said…
The zig-zag adds visual interest. The black tempers the hot triangles. The block reminds me of the flatiron pattern, so perhaps the name could be a play on flatiron?