Thinking INSIDE the Box

Yes, this is a terrible photo. But read on, anyway.

Our dear son-in-law is a history teacher in a public school. His school isn't in the district where they live, so sometimes Sam and Caroline are out of school when Chris isn't. This was the case last week. Sherry took Wednesday and Friday as vacation days; Joe offered our services for the other days.

This need for child care was fortuitous because Himself had been eager to do a particular project and enlist Sam's and possibly Caroline's help. Back about a hundred years ago when he was in graduate school, Buckminster Fuller spent a few days on the campus at Kent State, and the bulk of his time was with the architecture students. It was around that time that the fascination with geodesic domes began.

He's long wanted to make one. This was the chance and he seized it! The bad photo shows Sam and Caroline inside the finished project.

The construction took the better part of three days and to our surprise, it wasn't Sam, the guy who is frequently drawing buildings, but his sister and her sweet friend Zoe, who were the main builders!

I didn't get involved. I had Scrabbles to catch up on, quilts to bind, and a book to finish for my book club.

I made lunch the first two days and on the last day we had the delightful surprise of Sam and Caroline's offering to make our lunch! We relaxed in the living room and soon were called for very tasty grilled cheese sandwiches and carrot sticks! We found out that they'd learned the technique just the night before and were eager to share their skill with us.

Sam starts middle school in September, and Caroline will be in fifth grade. I think our days in this role are numbered!


Quiltdivajulie said…
Totally and wonderfully cool!!
Barbara Anne said…
Wowzers it's wonderful and what great memories were make in addition to the geodesic dome!! Sam, Caroline, Zoe, and Himself will certainly never ever forget this creation, a la Buckminster Fuller! Applause to all!

Applause also to the chefs who created lunch on the last day. :)

Chris Johnson said…
I enjoyed reading this post and thank you for spending time with our kids last week.