February Decluttering

Is it a February thing? Or just a cosmic coincidence? I spent much of last week cleaning, organizing, and downstashing my sewing studio (I use the term very loosely as the space where I sew is simply one quarter of our lower level). Much of my fabric inventory lives in large Rubbermaid tubs, not beautifully displayed in color-coded stacks on open shelves. And I've never been the sort of person who puts everything away just right immediately after use. It gets, erm, untidy down there. What interests me right now is that some of the bloggers I follow have also been cleaning, organizing, and purging. Right at the same time. Is there some urge that comes upon a quilter once Groundhog Day is past, that she must neaten and straighten?

Oh, well. In the process, I came across a very small ziplock bag that contained sixteen squares that finished at three inches, all pieced from hand-dye scraps. Left over from a baby quilt a year or two ago, I'd forgotten I had them.

Once the former disaster of a studio was semi-respectable (I still have that big metal cabinet and the drawers and small shelves to deal with), I rewarded myself by making another baby quilt from the blocks. Now that it is finished, I wish that I'd made those colorful border stones smaller, one inch finished rather than two. As I sit here typing this, I'm considering taking them out and doing just that. We'll see.


Quiltdivajulie said…
I think it is the thought of spring coming - and the long legacy of "spring cleaning" that we all grew up with - that prompts us to tidy and reorganize and edit our spaces. Maybe it is also the incremental increases in daylight (note I did not say sunshine since most of us are coping with gray cloudy skies). I admire you working from Rubbermaid totes - I began with fabrics in drawers and I got so tired of not knowing what I had or being able to find what I THOUGHT I had . . . each of us finds our own path. And happy unstitching to reduce those bothersome squares.
Anonymous said…
I don't have a blog, but am also de-cluttering by fabric stash at this time. And also, I store my fabric in tubs with no rime or reason. For the last couple of months, I've gone through the tubs picking out fabric that I probably won't use and donating to a couple of charities.
I never have a clean up time of year. I just get sick of it Up To Here (see my index finger slicing my throat) and it just happens. I just cleaned out my bedroom closet and my reward was to move my sewing machine out to the dining room table and stitch whenever I get a chance. It's going to stay there unless company is coming for dinner.
xx, Carol
Barbara Anne said…
I have a tiny sewing room and it's usually a disaster area. I also have a small framed sign that says "Creativity is messy and I am VERY creative". Still, I labor to keep it tidy but everything is truly jam packed.

This time of year does seem to be a clean up and clear out time as there is currently a large box of DH's shoes ready to go to Goodwill along with fabrics I no longer need.

Barbara Anne said…
Oh, and I love the baby quilt just as it is and methinks the baby and family won't be bothered, but you do what you need to do to satisfy yourself.

Lynn Dykstra said…
Love this. Bits of chaos in the midst of order.