Lancaster Diamond: End of January Update

It occurs to me that the end of the month rather than the start of the month is the right time to record an update about my progress on the Lancaster Diamond quilt. 

I made a lot of blocks in January. They provided a most welcome distraction from difficult things going on.

Techniques used thus far include paper piecing, regular piecing, and hand-buttonhole applique. I've completed all of the applique blocks. For the pieced blocks, I began with the very first block in the book and decided for each one whether to simple piece or to paper piece. I know that our group leader is doing far more paper piecing than I am. While I'm competent at paper piecing, I enjoy the challenge, sometimes, of working out the math to make the pieces, 

All through school, math was my weakest subject (well, then there was gym, too) and that has only improved a little bit (the math, not the gym). When I'd measure a piece to go into a block, with bits that involved 3/8" or 5/8", sometimes I'd mess up on adding 1/2". The search for the Least Common Denominator remains a bugaboo. So I did very careful arithmetic and checked my work, and checked it again, and made a chart of what size to cut a piece, including the seam allowance. This has served me well (when I remember to use it). I've only had to remake a block twice so far.

Now I need to pack Christmas in Lancaster away until February, because I have other things I've neglected too long and my Bee has resumed so I need to get Lisa's fun blocks together.

My old friend passed away yesterday; today I'm swamped with memories that are both funny and tender. While we didn't manage our video chat, her daughter was able to read my message to her, and the report is that she laughed more heartily than she had in recent days. So I'm good with that. We continue to hold our niece and her family in the Light.



Barbara Anne said…
My sympathy in the passing of your dear friend. I hope her laughter at your last email will bring you smiles and comfort as you remember the long, wonderful friendship you and she shared.

Your diamond blocks are just amazing. Well done! I hear you on the math bothers. Me, too.

For the first time this winter, we have a chance of snow on Thursday!

Buffy said…
What a lovely picture of your friend.  Her face speaks kindness.  I'm sorry to hear all of the heartache of the families of your friend, your husband's sister and daughter and everyone who loves each of them.  You will all be in my prayers.   I'm glad you and your husband are able to do some things to help, even from such a distance.  
Nann said…
I'm sorry for your loss, Nancy. It's so good that you could spend time with her recently. Your diamonds glow! You are so good at managing long-ish term projects and this will be a beauty.
Quiltdivajulie said…
I am so glad that your message made her laugh - what a priceless memory to hold onto. I was so grateful for the hospice worker who read my last message to my mom (I was four states away). She didn't laugh but the nurse told me she smiled which was remarkable at that point. End of life is a challenge that comes in so many forms. Blessings to those who help make the transitions as "easy" (if there is such a thing) as possible. And hugs of course to you and your friend's family. (Your diamonds are most excellent, BTW)
Anonymous said…
So sorry to hear of your recent losses. My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family. Your diamonds are beautiful. Thanks for sharing.
Mystic Quilter said…
So sorry to read that your friend has passed but what a pleasure that she was able to hear your words to her an obviously enjoyed them. Lancaster Diamond - I cannot believe the complexity of those diamonds, you my admiration with the making of these - the finished quilt will be awesome.
AnnieO said…
Quilt math is the hardest math! Adding fractions almost makes one want to go to the metric system like the rest of the world! Love your blocks.
Deepest sympathy on the loss of your dear friend, a day we all dread. Glad you were able to give her some joy.