Monday, January 25, 2016

Leader-Endering and Crumb-Piecing

I spent much of the blizzardy weekend working on putting this quilt together. As you can see, I'm not done yet! 

I've got all of the rows done (the second one from the top is sitting on the ironing board) and have pressed all of those bazillion seams open.

I don't have a current Leader-Ender project, and I knew that if I started one while working on this that (a) I'd get confused about what was what and (b) the L-E would quickly get too big for its britches and turn into a Real Project. So I decided to use scraps from this quilt to make a pot holder or two as a L-E project. 

A pot holder or two? Ha! There are nine, and prolly one more to come as I put the rows together (a tedious job for me).

Bless dear Bonnie Hunter for dreaming up the L-E and crumb piecing concepts!


Bonnie K Hunter said...

These are so super cute and I love the black & whites with pops of color!

Mrs. Goodneedle said...

Well done! I love all that's emerging from under your presser foot; that Bonnie Hunter has influenced me to never be working on one quilt at a time... because of the L-E concept I would feel lazy now if I ever sat down without bins of precut scraps to piece along with the "main event" so that the secondary project gets done at the same pace. You're a pro at L-Eing!

Janet O. said...

That quilt on your design wall looks like a huge undertaking. Good work!
I, too, like the little splashes of color in your potholders.
Because of Bonnie and her L/E method, I find myself paralyzed in front of my machine when I come to the end of a seam and realize I have run out of my L/E pile. I can't finish the seam until I go find (or cut) something else to use. But it is pretty great the amount of progress you can make on two projects at one time.

Barbara Anne said...

Well done! The blizzard had me too interested in watching to do more than read. It matters not if you're distracted and read the same paragraph more than once, but I was sure I'd make a mess of any sewing I tried to do.

Since reading Mary Ellen Hopkins' books on putting quilt blocks together in "next door neighbors (pairs), then across the street neighbors (pairs sewn into 4 patches), etc. I have never sewn my blocks into rows. MEH's idea was that you end up with only one seam going the full width OR length of your quilt so it's easier to manage as you sew it all together. Love that!

I've enjoyed the L-E method since you kindly sent me one of Bonnie Hunter's books on the subject. Thank you again!


Quiltdivajulie said...

I think those LE blocks would play well together as a lovely mini quilt!!

ramewelamb said...

Just as a matter of curiosity... what did you use as batting. When I make potholders, I use the batting with the metal(?) inside.
Hugs... -e