Spring Baskets AND Stuff for Grabs

Some weeks back, my buddy Julie sent me some gorgeous cool hand-dyes and I used some of them for the backgrounds on these baskets. They're all up on the Wall now, with their lattices. Cornerstones and setting triangles have yet to be cut. It's no secret than I'm not real crazy about on-point-with-lattice settings, but, y'know, the more of them you do, the easier less terror-inducing they become. 

I'm thinking this quilt will get to the machinist by February and I'll have abundant time to bind it before its due date. The autistic school has a fund-raiser each spring, and among the ways to help are raffle baskets. I like to donate a quilt each year for this purpose. The first year it was a baby quilt and last year it was a snuggle quilt. This is another snuggle-size quilt and I think it sings of early spring, which is when the fund-raiser will be held.

A sort of mini-purge mode continues here. I've unearthed some patterns that I don't need. 

One group is Kid Stuff. From that group I did, in fact, make a version of the transportation theme quilt and my grandson loves it. I always thought I'd get to those bugs and the ark, but perhaps now you will. 

If you want Kid Stuff, leave a comment below

The second group is Grown Up Stuff. You can click on the photo (and the Kid Stuff photo, too) to make it larger. The Midnight Sun was shared with me by a friend, and it isn't my kind of project. I had thought My Secret Garden was something I was going to make; I bought it from dear Millie Chirbuck who was one of my favorite vendors at Lancaster for many years. But I'm not going to make it. And the third pattern, well, I've no idea where or why I acquired it. If you want Grown Up Stuff, leave a comment below.

Post Office day is Friday morning, so don't dilly-dally if you want one of these groups!


Anonymous said…
Hi Nancy,
I am a grown up, so I've been told. Hee hee! I would like to have Secret Garden pattern.
Kathy Boehm
Quiltdivajulie said…
Your springtime baskets are simply beautiful . . . LOVE them!
Janet O. said…
Very happy baskets. That quilt should attract a lot of interest. It is beautiful.
Sandy said…
I have a new grandson and the truck quilt would be perfect for him but I love the jar quilt. Your blog is so inspirational. Have a great day!
Barbara Anne said…
Love the beautiful basket quilt and applaud your dedication to making another quilt to be raffled this year for the spring fund raiser!

I need to follow your stellar example and have a purge in my sewing room, too.

Leland said…
I would make Midnight Sun in a heartbeat. I'm crazy about dark backgrounds for some reason.