Happy New Year 2016

Y'know, I've never been a big New Year's person. I've always felt that making New Year's Resolutions was a set-up for failure, and that the middle of winter was a dumb time for a new beginning. September 1 or Labor Day always felt more like a new year.

A lot of bloggers seem to have enjoyed choosing a single word as their guide for a new year, and I haven't ever done that. I think I'd prolly quickly forget what that word was!

All of this being said, it is hard not to get in the spirit of goals that prevails right about now. I'm thinking that "hopes" is a safer, more reasonable, more realistic word for me than "resolutions" or "goals." So, to that end, I've wrapped my mind around a few hopes for my quilting in the year ahead:

  • I hope not to buy a lot of fabric. I have acquired a great deal of background fabric and it should be fun to see what shows up on these backgrounds.
  • I hope to look at the UFOs and deal with them. Surely at least one could be finished and donated as a raffle quilt somewhere -- just because a quilt isn't to my particular taste doesn't mean that someone else might not love it. There might be a UFO that one of my besties would be interested in finishing. There might be a UFO that could turn into a blog give-away. It would feel so good to end 2016 without a stack of UFOs!
  • For a long time I've wanted to make an Improved Nine Patch quilt. I hope this will be the year for that.
  • Finally, I hope to begin to plan 2016 Christmas gifts early and get to work on them early. This year I had planned a couple of aprons and tote bags for gifts and didn't get to them. So I plan to make my gift grid very soon and map out a schedule for sewn gifts.
How do you deal with the New Year? Resolutions? Goals? Hopes? Focus Word? 


Lori said…
I usually make some kind of resolution, but I never feel disappointed if it doesn't resolute all year! Some of mine have been to keep track of birthdays better and send a card on time or journaling. My quitting smoking or losing weight didn't have anything to do with a new year, so goal setting is good any time of the year!
I've never chosen a word of the year either, but this year I'm choosing LOVE. This is the first place I've told anyone! LOL I want to love more, love my enemies, love people who don't "look" worthy of loving, love people I don't really like very well, just Love others!
I wish you a very happy new year, Nancy, with many blessings for 2016.
Janet O. said…
I don't make resolutions or choose words either, but I am inspired by what you have written here--and by Lori's comment. I'll have to ponder what your thoughts may motivate me to do.
Quiltdivajulie said…
I live with an ever-changing set of goals/plans/hopes - learned long ago that NOTHING is certain except change, so I don't make "resolutions" except to do the best I can do with whatever I have at hand. If I need to choose a word for this year, it will be ENJOY . . .
Barbara Anne said…
Your quilting goals for 2016 echo mine to a great degree.
* Finish a UFO or two
* Make something from one or more "beribboned bundles" of fabrics that are on my shelf
* Get better at machine quilting by practicing. Perfection is not the goal.
* Make a Flower Fairy quilt

I agree that resolutions are often a recipe for failure but I read this on a UK blog, and it seems worthwhile to consider:

What should I start?
What should I stop?
What should I do more of?
What should I do less of?
What should I continue?
What should I be grateful for?

Tanya said…
No resolutions here but I did choose a word. I still haven't figured out how it is going to move in my life though... I HOPE I'll get a lot mor sewing done this year!