Word Salad

I've joined the Project 48 quilt-along pretty much against my better judgment! I'm not really one to stick with these things that go on and on, bit by bit. This one will last a year, at one block per week. We're currently up to week three, and, by golly, I'm up to date!

The quilt-along -- for those who complete it -- will yield 48 nine-inch finished blocks. I figure if I don't stick it out for the whole thing, I can still make enough for a lap quilt.

I have a small collection of text and letters prints that I've accumulated over the past year without a real plan. So I thought this would be a good use for them.

This is the first block, a basic churn dash. From the comments in the group, I'm thinking many of the participants are beginning quilters. Takes me back to the first swap I was ever in and I was afraid of anything that involved triangles!

Anyway, in light of the text and letters prints, I've decided this quilt will be called Word Salad. With no thanks to a certain someone.


Barbara Anne said…
Love your fabrics, your plan, and your quilt's name! Wishing you well on the weekly challenge, too.

Like you, I don't often follow thru in lengthy challenges tho they always seems quite doable at the outset.

Will your area be getting any of this amazing blizzard? Out here in the county, we had hours of sleet last night but it's snowing again this morning. Yesterday's footprints have completely disappeared and my guess is we've had more than 10". This morning the wind is blowing so the snow is swirling.

Nann said…
Your sampler will look very nice with the typographical fabrics. (I continue to collect alphabet prints (not words, just letters) for an alphabet quilt. The search for new prints helps me focus when I go to the vendor malls at quilt shows.)
In response to a recent discussion about the how and why of UFOs, I wrote that I try to avoid jumping on every bandwagon that comes down the pike. (Now, there's an idea for a quilt: a string of 'bandwagons,' like freight cars, each of which is features a different piecing or applique technique.) This year I'm sticking to Block Lotto and the Rainbow Scrap Challenge.
Janet O. said…
That is a great name for the quilt. Good for you, keeping up for three whole weeks!! : )
Unknown said…
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