Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Just 80 Minutes: First Check-In

I worked more than 80 minutes Monday morning on paper-piecing. I thought it would be good to start with a pattern that I've already had success with. My approximately 100 minutes (jumping up a couple of times to move clothes from washer to dryer, etc.), yielded two fan arcs. At the beginning, I had to rip out twice, but by the last three blades on each fan arc, I'd hit my stride and was doing well.

Next week I'll do more of these.


Synthia said...

Three cheers for you!!!!

Janet O. said...

Oh, so pretty, Nancy. Whatever you are making with these, it can't help but be stunning.
With 40 of my 80 minutes yesterday I made a pretty decent loaf of GF bread. Here's to us and our learning!

Tanya said...

Beautiful fan arcs! I love the fabric you've chosen. How did you get the quarter circles in at the corner? That has been my downfall in New York Beauty blocks though I've tried different ways to not sew in folds... Seems that a lot of pins world best for me.

Barbara Anne said...

Well, lookee what YOU did!!!! Cheers for your paper-piecing accomplishment and that worthy goal you've set for yourself!

Methinks I'll work my way through my many UFOs and clean out some drawers for this 80 min. weekly challenge.