Just 80 Minutes: Part Two

Well, last week I paper-pieced two pretty nice segments and expected to continue with this for the second week of Just 80 Minutes.

Change of Plans! Strangely enough, on Tuesday night when the Guild came to the Bee Blocks part of the agenda, dear Cozy was Queen Bee and she asked for a pair of pickle dish blocks. With lots of paper piecing. And [shudder] curved piecing. Paper piecing and curved piecing in one block. Ye gods.

So on Wednesday morning I began my work. I have put in way more than 80 minutes of paper piecing this week. Here is what I have learned:

1. There are many ways to make a mistake on a pickle dish arc. I will not enumerate them.
2. One can rip out on paper piecing. But only one time per seam.
3. When attempting curved piecing of paper pieced arcs, one must remove the paper first.
4. There's a rhythm to it.

Cozy's recipe calls for bright colors for pickle dish bases and inside points on both arcs, light colors for the smaller arc, dark colors for the larger arcs, lightest colors for the shoulders and gray (not pictured) for the center to which all four components eventually will be affixed.

I'm getting the hang of it, though this morning I found the words to "A Boy Named Sue" running through my head, i.e., my next project will not be a pickle dish!


Janet O. said…
Wow--that is a lot to ask of others, IMHO.
I will paper piece and I will do curved seams (and I will do each of those grudgingly), but don't ask me for both in the same project!!
LOL Loved the reference to "A Boy Named Sue."
Mrs. Goodneedle said…
Wow! Well done; eighty (or more!) minutes spent is yielding HUGE results.
Quiltdivajulie said…
I would be worried about asking for a complex block like that from many different makers - SO many opportunities for things to come out differently. Congrats on your stick-to-it-tiveness.
Barbara Anne said…
My hat is off to you to bravely have a go at paper-piecing the very complicated Pickle Dish block! It looks like you've succeeded and have surmounted the problems you encountered. Applause!

My 80 minutes today was used in hand stitching a two part hanging sleeve onto a batik autumn wall quilt I made in a 2008 quilt shop class from the Eureka! pattern by Maple Island Quilts. It was about time to sit and put the hanging sleeve on! 80 minutes well spent this way, too. :)

I LOVE the 80 minutes/week idea to do something you're long wanted to do, to learn something new, to practice some skill, or to get around to something you've long intended to do.

AnnieO said…
That is a rather large task to request! Glad you kept your sense of humor while ripping out and resewing:;
Sandy said…
I don't think there is a pickle dish in my future. They're beautiful, but paper piecing just isn't my favorite thing! I haven't even stuck my head in my studio today, so tomorrow I need to do double time there!
Tanya said…
Ah... I spent at LEAST 80 minutes doing paper piecing with curves today though not pickle blocks... I made another New York Beauty block and as I only make one a month I never get into a rhythm of it. And I have learned the hard way too with ripping things out. Though I usually don't much like using pins I always have to bring out a box of them when sewing curves!