Just 80 Minutes: Introduction

About three weeks ago, someone posted a question on Facebook: "What could you do if you dedicated 80 minutes a week to learning a new skill, worked on a project, or dedicated your time?" The writer is a teacher of gifted students at the high school level; some of her students are also her FB friends and with school starting up soon, she wanted to get them thinking about the upcoming semester. Now, I'm not officially one of her students (though over the years I certainly have learned from her), but I was going through an insightful period when I read the post, and it spoke to me. I suggested she start a Facebook group dedicated to this question and that we each invite Likely Suspects to join. Well, she did, and I did, and the group is thriving! 

At the time, I was recovering from a back spasm, resettling refugees and getting ready for a nearly-two-week trip (more about which very soon!), so I committed to beginning today. I'm fortunate to be in a position to dedicate my 80 minutes in one go, and despite my early and continued resistance to paper-piecing, each Monday beginning at ten o'clock, I shall work at paper piecing until I reach the point of being at ease with the technique. Stay tuned for my weekly updates.

Does this sound like something you'd like to do? Already we have women doing these things: quilting projects, Bible study, scrapbooking, sermon writing, renewal of cooking interest. What could you do if you dedicated 80 minutes a week? If you're on Facebook and are up for the challenge, search for the public group Just 80 Minutes and ask to join. And we're off!

Official Group Description: What could you do if you dedicated 80 minutes a week to learning a new skill, worked on a project, or dedicated your time? My Themes in Literature students work on a project every sixth cycle day for approximately that amount of time. Some have started businesses, written and recorded songs, built miniature models of houses, learned to play instruments, created workout plans, or refined artistic skills. Others have researched history, interviewed family, or worked in genealogy. Join this group, tell us about your intention, and start working! Report in once a week, or 6 day cycle, on your progress.
I really recommend reading THE FIRST 20 HOURS by Josh Kauffman, as you consider this challenge.



Quiltdivajulie said…
I'm in and it is well worth participating. Great introductory post!
Mrs. Goodneedle said…
Terrific explanation and introduction. I am very happy to be participating and proud of my own resolve and commitment to "Just 80 Minutes"; dedicating that allotted time to Bible study has already made such a positive impact on my life.
Janet O. said…
Sounds like a great idea. I am not on FB, but my current challenge to myself is to get comfortable with gluten free baking. Maybe I can do it in 80 minutes a week!
An interesting concept. I'm not real good with participating in groups, but I'll think about a personal challenge. 80 minutes of a week is not a lot of time to focus on ONE thing. I'm going to give this serious thought.
xx, Carol

Paper piecing...I'm going to be really interested in seeing your progress and reading your thoughts on it. I tried and could not enjoy it as hard as I tried.
Barbara Anne said…
What a stellar idea! I'm not on FB, but will give this a try. My 80 min. will probably have to be in shorter spans of time due to my annoying problems with fatigue. Bother!

Thanks for sharing this idea!