On Display!!!!

So, on Sunday afternoon, despite the jet lag (I promise the travel post is coming soon!), I really, really wanted needed to go over to the Mancuso show at Oaks. My Guild had a special exhibit at the show, and two of my larger quilts along with my Paint Chip Challenge had been juried in. Joe was happy for me and although the shipboard head cold had begun to impact him, he accompanied me. What a thrill it was to see my quilts on display! This was a first for me.

The Paint Chip Challenge. Mine is in the center. We had to pull two paint chip samples out of a can, add one color and neutral(s), and make a quilt that was no larger than 24" finished. Mine is called Saramanda because Sarah and Amanda pulled my paint chips for me. It is a Barrister's Block.

Fewer Than Fifty [Shades of Gray]

Gato Limpio; Joe's in the photo because he was of immense help with the design.

Meanwhile, at the big show in Chattanooga, the SSOBB quilts were on display, too! Alas, I couldn't be two places at once.


Karla said…
Nancy, I am thrilled for you! I love Less Then 50 and the Gato Limpio is awesome. I remember the work that went into both! <3
Quiltdivajulie said…
Congratulations -- You already know how much I love Bonnie's Barn and your Paint Chip Challenge quilt is really, really wonderful. How much fun for you to see your quilts hanging -- SO happy for you!
Janet O. said…
Good for you! Must be a heady feeling to have 4 quilts on display in shows at one time, and for the first time!
Looks like each one is quality work, Nancy!
Barbara Anne said…
Applause, applause! Love your quilts and I agree, it's amazing to see your own creations on display.

You and the other barn-builders - and Julie - deserve an ovation for your wonderfully imaginative barns created with Julie's instructions. Wish I was close enough to Chattanooga to see all of these delightful barn quilts up close and personally. How perfect that they're making their debut in the home of Rock City. As a Southerner, I well remember the many barn roofs that said "See Rock City"!

Nice to see you and your sweetie, too!

Shasta Matova said…
Congratulations on having so many quilts in the shows! You've provided a lot of inspiration to many show - goers with your beautiful quilts.
Lori said…
The quilt, you and Joe looks fantastic!! That is fun to have an encouraging spouse!