Two-Fer Meme. This meme has been working its way around the blogs and now it is here!

Two names you go by:
1.. Mom
2.. Nana

Two parts of your heritage:
1.. Swedish
2.. Funny

Two things that scare you:
1.. Pat Robertson
2.. George W. Bush

Two everyday essentials:
1.. Coffee
2.. For Better or Worse

Two things you are wearing right now:
1.. Tan jumper
2.. Black Shirt

Two of your favorite bands or musical artists (at the moment):
1.. Philadelphia Orchestra
2.. Enya

Two things you want in a relationship (other than love):
1.. Laughter
2.. Listening

Two truths:
1.. I seldom let people know when they've hurt me
2.. If I don't sew and/or read every day, I get cranky

Two favorite hobbies:
1.. Quilting
2.. Blogging

Two things you need to do this week:
1.. Prepare my Sunday School lesson
2.. Put away the Christmas decorations

(and I'm worried about finding the time to do them!)

Two stores you shop at:
1.. Barnes and Noble
2.. Whole Foods

Two favorite sports (Sports? Favorite sports?? Me? Oh, dear . . . . ):
1.. Bull riding (as a spectator)
2.. Jacks -- remember jacks? Do jacks count? I was pretty good at jacks . . . .

Two shows you like to watch:
1.. Men in Trees
2.. Everything else I liked to watch has gone off the air

Two things you’d buy if money were no object:
1..A second floor addition
2..A hot tub

Two wishes for 2007: (Both of these were D’s answers and there’s no point in changing ‘em!)
1.. Continued good health for my friends and family
2..That the direction the US has been taking socially and politically for the last several years would make a big change for the better

If you want to answer this one for yourself, tell me so in comments and you can consider yourself officially tagged!


Mrs. Goodneedle said…
This made me laugh out loud. Jacks!?! Sorry, Nancy, that is definitely NOT a sport!! If it is, then I claim Cribbage, too! Oh, BTW-- were we separated at birth? Hmm...