A Hyperlink!

My friend Jan had the most amazing item on her Pinterest board. It purported to be a mother's comprehensive advice to her children. But the more I read it, the more I came to believe that it is a good set of guidelines of how I want to live. Things I know, deep down, but sometimes need to be reminded of. You might feel the same way.

I saved it to my own Pinterest board and decided to put it in my blog. Then I went to the website where I found cautions about publishing stuff without permission. So I'm providing this link instead. What a good mom person this Kim Bongiorno is.


Lori said…
That's very nice for all of us!
Janet O. said…
Love this, Nancy. Had to pin it to go back and print later!
Thanks so much for (properly!) sharing my post. :) It is much appreciated!
Karla said…
This is fantastic! I printed it up. Going to read it to Chase on a regular basis.

<3 U