Bonnie's Barn Comes Home

 I've written about this piece here and here, so I'm not going to go into a lot of details now. Suffice it to say that when I was asked to test instructions for making a free form barn, I found a picture on line that reminded me of a night when my sister Bonnie and I were lost in Lancaster County. There was a harvest moon and barns everywhere. I had had a difficult time picking out a picture for a project. My sister had been in a serious automobile accident, and I was more focused on her wellbeing than I was on quilting.

Once she was discharged, I was able to concentrate on my project and when I ran out of fabrics for the field in front of the barn, I went over to Bonnie's house and raided her stash for the little scraps that I needed.

Bonnie's Barn ultimately went on to be exhibited along with the other barns in the series at three shows. And then she came home. And wouldn't you know, the day she arrived was Bonnie's birthday!

Bonnie's Barn, hanging where we'd always intended, in our dining room, thanks to Himself.


Love it.It's amazing how a scene embeds it's self in your mind. The day a deer jumped over the hood of my car while driving near the city. A spooky tree in the hills of Kentucky as we made our way at midnight to Mammoth Cave State Park. That would be a great idea for a quilt. Blocks depicting the scenes of embedded memories. I'm going to jot that in my journal for future reference.
xx, Carol
Janet O. said…
Welcome home to Bonnie's Barn. It looks good in its designated spot. I have loved your depiction from the start.
(BTW, I also love the card file drawers beneath it!)
Barbara Anne said…
Am glad your well-traveled barn is back home and that the Barn Book and those widespread Barn exhibits certainly are/were a big hit!

I have card catalog envy, too. Sigh!