More Blessed

My church sponsors a food pantry for the area and, unfortunately, has many patrons. To gain access, guests need to go to the church office and the secretary will accompany them to the pantry where they may fill a bag or two twice each month.

Some are like clockwork, the secretary tells me; they are there on the designated day, no matter what. Others are frequent visitors but not quite as regular.

A month ago Laura wrote to the congregation with the idea of providing Christmas gift bags for the adults who come to the food pantry. She wanted to make about fifteen bags, mostly for women, but some for male patrons. She said she was looking for someone to come help her put bags together, one afternoon early in December.

Look no further!

Today was the day! Laura and I spent an hour in the great room, ending up with seventeen gift bags. I didn't get a photo at the end of the project, but here is what things looked like at the beginning.

People were so generous! Each female patron received a scarf, a piece of jewelry, a candle, a lotion and/or bath gel, and something else. I had made enough pot holders to contribute so that each recipient had one of those. There were socks, wallets, gloves, dish towels, word puzzle books, all kinds of things.

We had fun and I got the distinct feeling that this is just the first year we'll be doing this. I think I'll aim for twenty pot holders for 2017.


Unknown said…
Nancy, I enjoyed working with you today. I'll post a picture of all the bags under the office Christmas tree.

For Nancy's fans - when I promoted this I asked the congregation for new items which they might have already had at home but weren't going to use. Most of us have lotions which aren't our scent, candles which we will never use, a scarf which isn't in our color scheme. Certainly we received gifts which people had purchased. But my goal was to fill the bags without costing our members much money. They give generously all year round to our food pantry. And, to other various programs within and outside our congregation that I didn't want this to be a financial burden. Just something fun! Thank you for your interest.
Janet said…
Well done...such a great way to start the Christmas season...😊
marge jansonius said…
That is a wonderful way to help those that need it. We save all hotel shampoo, soap etc. and give to our transition house for those that have to leave home with next to nothing. It always makes us feel good. Well done.
Synthia said…
What a blessing for the folks receiving these Christmas bags.....and you are blessed by providing them as well.
Barbara Anne said…
Wonderful and well done to all who contributed! These bags will bring real joy to the recipients as there are some personal gifts and not just the practical but needed food. What a great idea, Laura, and how wonderful (and typical :) ) of you to help, Nancy.

ramewelamb said…
Oh... bless you!! This is what Christmas should be about. I belong to a P.E.O. chapter in Sebastopol and we award college scholarships to women. Our chapter has six this year with each receiving over $1,000. At Christmas, I usually make cards so we all can sign and donate cash to add to a handmade gift that I make. Makes a lovely Christmas for everyone. Hugs... -e
This is the Spirit of Love. My grandson is the Youth Minister of a local Methodist Church. A very small congregation. Though I don't attend, I support there efforts. They are gathering items right now for bags like these for the homeless.

For years we have gone to the homeless that live in Chicago under the Wacker Street Bridge to disburse clothes and always include bags such as these. No matter what city you are in these is a homeless community. In a perfect world we would find a home for everyone.
xx, Carol
wonderful is always needed and a necessity but little extras mean so much....bless you and your fellow elves!