It's About Time

I got my refund.

You know, the one that's taken so long that you've forgotten about it. I wonder if that's what they were hoping I would do.

On September 11, I placed an order with The Popcorn Factory. When the FREE SHIPPING code I had wasn't applied, I canceled the order. When I didn't get my refund, I contacted them, and they gave me a hard time and suggested I contact PayPal.

I contacted PayPal who made promises that they didn't keep. One thing led to another. And today, October 11, I got the refund that had been deducted from my account five minutes after I placed the order.

I'm not thrilled with PayPal's performance, but I'll continue to use the service. The Popcorn Factory, however, is history for me.


Janet said…
Glad you got your refund...this is one of the reasons that I ,when I can , purchase at a brick and mortar store and ship myself the long run I find it a good option for me 🙂
Janet O. said…
And PayPal had sounded so promising. What a disappointment all around.
Well, I'm glad you at least got your money back--finally!
Quiltdivajulie said…
In the end, PayPal did get it done and that is what matters. May the next adventure be less frustrating!
Glad you have this issue settled. In the past, I have made complaints through Paypal and issues were settled in a timely manner. BUT, I have received notices of changes in policies that have probably had something to do with complaint issues. I hope your experience is a fluke and that the service has not deteriorated to being unreliable.
xx, Carol
Nann said…
"Nevertheless, she persisted!" Good to know that there was a positive outcome for you.