A Gaggle

While I was digging around looking for finished tops and possible backings, I came across a small gaggle of four geese. And with them were the beginnings of a whole lot more. I couldn't think what I'd intended to do with them. But I sure did like 'em.

Yesterday and today I spent a little time finishing them (there is one more set that will be done tomorrow after I do some unsewing) and sticking them up on the wall. I still couldn't remember what my initial plan had been. But now there's a gaggle of a respectable size.

Himself came by and started moving them around and then it occurred to me that I must have been planning a quilt of Louisiana (one of my very favorites) blocks, perhaps with white or ash grey to finish them off.

I have no business getting re-involved with these geese. My current self-assigned task is putting tops and backs together and getting them finished and re-homed. So I'll try to leave them up on the wall until that job is finished. We'll see how that works out.


Karla said…
They are lovely. Why is this type of design called a goose?
Janet O. said…
I had to look up that quilt block to see the end product.
That will be nice--I like the idea of the grey with these colors.
The projects we have no business sewing are the ones that call the loudest, in my experience.
Barbara Anne said…
They would also make Dutchman's Puzzle blocks ... and so many others should you choose to do that after you pair up all your tops and backings, of course!

Anonymous said…
I'm afraid if I saw those beautiful blocks on the design wall, I'd want to make more. Maybe if you just added one set of blocks a day, just to break up your other goal. Thanks for sharing.
AnnieO said…
Beautiful geese stretching their wings!