Remember that gaggle of geese from a few posts back?

Here's what's become of them.

They've turned into 16 nice twelve-inch Louisiana blocks.

This project needs lattice and cornerstones.  I'm thinking white-on-white for the lattices, like the background on the geese. And a nice variety of brights for the cornerstones.  And maybe a border, we'll see.

But it's going to be set aside for a bit before I can finish it.

These big blocks are much less likely to get lost than those wandering geese.

Feeling good about getting to this stage.


Barbara Anne said…

Quiltdivajulie said…
Much better than a lot of little geese blocks. I like these a lot!
Nann said…
Flying Geese are such versatile units. The Louisiana block is a great way to show them off.
LizA. said…
Lovely. Flying geese are so versatile.....
Janet O. said…
I really like what you have created. Why do I never think to do something like this when I have flying geese on hand? Will have to keep this in mind.