Trinkets 1

I may have posted earlier that I was smitten by the Trinkets pattern but not by the color scheme it features. I had a collection of Kona half-yards I'd bought a while back without a plan, and I decided they would do nicely for this project.

My love affair (on-again/off-again) with cat bathing paper piecing is well-known locally. Recent p-p projects have gone effortlessly and I've become complacently confident. Yesterday I began the Trinkets. 


I certainly didn't expect the struggles I had with some of them. Thinking it over carefully this morning provided the answer: The last several p-p projects have been pieces that were all the same. It was easy to determine a standard shape or strip. With these guys, it's more challenging.

So, I'm not quite a dozen in (there are 40 blocks total) and unsure how I'm feeling about it all. The blue X (block 1-C) is not as precise as I'd like. Part of the reason is that the p-p construction method eliminates seam nesting. Nonetheless, I'll press on.

(See what I did there?)


Barbara Anne said…
Wishing you well with this project as it does seem fiddly to me but more power to you!

Hope late spring/early summer is a delight for you and your sweetie. Happy Father's Day to him!

Lynn Dykstra said…
I absolutely despise paper piecing. So, now you show me something wonderful that may make me re-try it. I am not happy.