Trinkets 2

Judy and I are going to quilt camp in a little less than a month. Two of the classes we are taking involve paper piecing. So I knew I needed to warm up before the classes. These Trinkets have turned out to be very good for warming up. There are 40 little patterns, each one more adorable than the previous. As you can see, I am 22/40 of the way, although any decent-size project will need far more than 40 four-inch blocks.

Do you see that star? Oh, the cuteness! And the little boat?

I posted yesterday's picture on Facebook and it wasn't particularly well received. One commenter didn't like them at all and didn't mind saying so, going on to observe that the colors don't go together, yadda yadda. As you can see, I was undeterred. 

When we get to camp, by gum, Judy and I are going to be ready. And I'll have a nice project to boot!


Quiltdivajulie said…
This is YOUR quilt and if you like your colors and the way things are coming together, then KEEP GOING. No one else has the right to rain on your parade!
Barbara Anne said…
Well done! Love the star and the sailboat!

Your quilt, your choice of colors, fabrics, layout, and everything else down to the color of the thread. Who cares what anyone else has to say? You are the creator of this quilt!!


stitchinpenny said…
The commenter who said that is a little beyond her level of capability. Guessing what goes together from a photo on a computer is really risky. If both computer monitors have been calibrated and the photo was taken in excellent lighting you could tell but I know from experience color comparison isn't easy. If you like them and you are comfortable go for it.
Robby said…
How smart to "warm up" your paper piecing skills before doing some intensive work with it. As for the smarty pants on FB, it's like people have less manners than a room full of two year olds some days. And the two year olds would instinctively know not to hurt your feelings. Enjoy!
And THAT is just what I hate about FB. It happened to me about 8 years ago and I have never warmed to the platform since. We blog friends know how to encourage with out criticism and usually see beyond our own preferences. Some day I may give paper piecing a try. There are plenty of videos, but I'm really a hands on real time learner. I miss a LQS that closed last year. It offered all sorts of classes.
xx, Carol
Janet O. said…
Oh, my goodness, these are way too cute! You could always make a second set to get a larger quilt, if you want more practice. Yeah, me neither.
And the colors don't go together because...?