Gotham Color Lab: Triadic



Fun to make. 

I like the Blue-Red-Yellow one okay.

The Green-Violet-Orange one not so much. Perhaps my Orange is closer to Yellow-Orange.

Then I started to consider Split Complementary and became very confused.

The color wheel that our text's author provides has been modified -- she is up front about that -- to include pink and aqua because they are "colors that quilters like."

Well, yes, they are likable colors. But, IMNSHO, that doesn't grant them access to a basic color wheel!

I have downloaded and printed a traditional color wheel and ordered a tool that some of my classmates have found useful.

I'll get back to Split Complementary and whatever comes next after the weekend.


Quiltdivajulie said…
I agree about the red yellow blue block - most excellent!
Judi said…
Coincidence is a fun thing. I have been asked to present a series of 10 patchwork and quilting modules (at rather short notice, but that's another story).

I decided to include a module on colour, and focussed on colour theory but then translated it into quilts by using quilt images. It was a very interesting exercise that I plan to repeat with a group of quilt judges.

I came to the conclusion that very few quilters rely on theory and a colour wheel to decide on fabrics for their quilts - I suspect that many of the quilts I used as examples just happened to fit the theory rather than the other way round. It makes me curious why you are taking a class on colour theory, which I assume you are doing? Academic interest?

Judi x