Steam Punk 2 Begun

Who would have thought that at this point in my life I'd become an avid and compulsive hand-piecer? Certainly not me. But that's the way it is.

I really cannot comfortably sit in front of the television without something for my hands to do. And sewing is healthier than eating!

A second Steam Punk is underway and it has a very different "tone of voice" than my initial Steam Punk. We'll see how it evolves as I work from stash alone. So far it's aboriginals and solids on various low volume backgrounds. 

Clicking on the photograph should enlarge it so you can see detail.

That appliqué orange center looked too naked to me, so I embroidered a little green star motif. I like it and may do more of those on centers that aren't fussy cut. 

But seriously, who would have thought!


Janet O. said…
I am really liking the aboriginal fabrics! The embroidered star is a nice touch. I have to keep my hands busy, too, but I am NOT a good hand piecer. It is usually hand quilting or binding that keeps me busy by the TV.
Karla said…
I thought you would rather give a cat a bath. This one has the makings of being stellar. Get what I did there. ��
Juliann said…
I made one of these blocks and then the next two were so off size that I had to scrap them. Are you seeing the whole block by hand? I really want to make this quilt but the hand stitching is holding me back.
Barb said…
Fun theme for your second steampunk quilt. Fun and colorful fabrics.
I bet hand piecing helps them come out the right size.
I lost the outside seam allowance on some of my blocks :(
Barbara Anne said…
Thank you for letting me know for sure that it's possible I could still get into hand piecing! Yes, it's astonishing to imagine, but you do have some wonderful quilts that testify at your success!

I love the unusual fabrics you're using for this version of Steam Punk and it will look very different from Steam Punk #1. Years ago, I was at the Dallas Quilt show and to get out of a busy walkway, I stepped into a nook where 3 quilts were displayed. While I waited for the crowd to go by, I looked at those three quilts and to my astonishment, found they were made exactly alike. Since they were made using very different fabrics and different placement of the light/medium/dark fabrics it took some time to notice how alike they were in construction. Oh, and the 3 quilts had been made by the same person.

Have fun!