Blur is Home!

Blur is home! She came back from the machinist a few days ago and I spent part of the weekend putting her binding on, first machining and then hand-stitching it down.

I've entered her in the Mancuso show -- Innovative category -- for September, and in a couple of weeks I'll know whether she's accepted and will, therefore, need a hanging sleeve.

I've never done anything like this quilt before and while it was in progress, I often felt pretty unsure of myself. Joe was the one who initially looked at my funny little two-inch squares and suggested I abandon my plan to alternate them with solid white squares.

She finishes at 64 inches by 65 (how'd that happen with two-inch squares?) inches.

Along the way, support and encouragement came from Wanda and Julie, and from Lynne, who reminded me that what it would take would be patience and persistence, "both of which I know that you have." Don'tcha love it when someone boosts your confidence so firmly?

My machinist, Kat at A Thread Runs Through It, is affectionately known as my gourmet quilter. As always, she worked her magic on this quilt without any input from me. You can click to see the gorgeous variegated thread she used.

Submission to the show included the dreaded artist's statement. This is what I came up with: Life during the Pandemic was a blur in so many ways. After completing several traditional quilts, it was time for something different. I began my Blur by starting in the center, with no real idea where it was going. As the design developed, I had a sense of reaching out, out to what is unknown. And less blurry.



Nann said…
A beauty! Very show-worthy.
Judy Cloe said…
I absolutely love this quilt. Good work!
Love it! Love the statement. Keep us posted on the show.
Quiltdivajulie said…
BEAUTIFUL! Congratulations on your perseverance and ability to keep your "blurry" vision firmly in front of you. Good job on the artist statement, too.
Anonymous said…
Beautiful quilt and the name fits. Good luck and thanks for sharing.
Nancy Fitzpatrick said…
A piece of work to describe the last two years! Beautiful. ❤️
Lori said…
Good luck on getting it in the show! It is show worthy for sure!
Kat did a lovely job enhancing your quilt.
Janet O. said…
Oh, I hope it is accepted, Nancy. It is a very striking quilt, and the artist's statement is well said. It deserves to be shown off!
She is a beauty and finger crossed that she will be accepted!!!!
Kat said…
I so enjoyed collaborating on Blur! You gave me a wonderful canvas to play with. Love your artist statement,
I'm glad you persevered, and finished your vision!
Barbara Anne said…
What an exuberant and joyful quilt!! Applause, applause!!!! Surely it will be accepted into the show with it's wonderfulness factor and that Kat's colorful quilting. Your Artist's Statement is perfect, too.

Millie said…
Congratulations! I think you knocked this right out of the park! It's nothing short of terrific, and I hope it is accepted in the show. It's gorgeous and I love it!


Judi said…
I love your artist's statement almost as much as I love your quilt!

Good luck with the show, I hope you are accepted.