Retreat, 2023

I spent the past weekend at my Guild's annual autumn retreat. This was especially necessary for me because I've had to give up the twice-or-thrice-a-year retreats with my Renegade buddies; the stairs at that retreat place aren't compatible with my knees.

Anyway, we retreated from as early as 9 on Friday until as late as 4 on Sunday; my timing was more like 11 on Friday until 11 on Sunday. One of the highlights of the planned activities was a rousing game of Left-Right-Center with fat quarters. Susan took home ninety (count 'em -- 90) solid FQs.

There had been a shop hop earlier in the autumn with all kinds of glorious prizes for finishing by a specified date. I didn't feel as though I needed any prizes and I certainly didn't need another deadline, so I let the weeks go by until it was time to prepare for retreat and then I cut and cut and cut so that I had the makings of a dozen of the shop hop pattern blocks to work on during the weekend. I actually finished 10-1/2 which I thought was pretty fine, considering that each block is rumored to contain 47 pieces. I like the pattern enough that I plan to make twice as many blocks, turning it into a twin size quilt for a certain grandson.

I was seated with a delightful group of women and the time passed too quickly. The hotel provided a complimentary breakfast and we sent out for the other meals, giving me a first, second, and third experience with Door Dash. The work room was spacious and -- as you can see above -- pretty full. The guest rooms were comfortable and my roommate delightful.

And then it was time to come home.



Anonymous said…
My roommate was delightful too! It was you. ❤️
Barbara Anne said…
What fun and I know this time with friends was good for your creative imagination and your soul!

I love the star in your last photo and those fabrics were the perfect choices.

Nann said…
It's so good to get away! Were you at Black Rock again?
Hubblebird said…
Hi - What is 'left-right-centre'? (From a Brit who now lives in Australia).
EvoBet said…
I appreciate the effort you put into each well-researched article.