Sunday, October 15, 2006

Welcome, Dominick!

Cousin Lois's daughter, Wendy, has two wonderful daughters. I don't know exactly how old they are; I imagine that Andrea is 12 and Meredith 8. Or so. Last month Wendy had a little boy, and everyone is simply delighted.
. . . .
Most of the time, I think, showers are for first babies. But with such a long space between baby number two and baby number three, it seemed that a shower was called for. My sister Bonnie held it at her house a few weeks before Dominick was due. We al knew this baby was a most welcome boy, and it was fun to see the darling gifts that people brought.
. . . .
The quilt that I made is similar to one that I made and couldn't part with. We'd had a swap a couple of years back where we made blocks that had a farm theme. These are half of the blocks made into Dominick's quilt. Of course I no longer remember who made most of the blocks. I know I made the tractor and Bonnie made the three dimensional farmer.
. . . .
I love making quilts for babies. Fortunately, people keep having them!

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