Monday, February 27, 2012

Need to Get Smaller Hangers!

The peachy peasant blouse by itself . . .

. . . and with the Fairy Tale Dress.

What next?

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Peasant into Princess

My wonderful weekend continues! Yesterday I cut out the Fairy Tale Dress and began sewing it, stopping well after dinner when I came to the buttonholes.

This afternoon, following a culinary disaster involving Amish Friendship Bread, the less said about which the better, I decided to brave the buttonholes. I made a couple more samples and then plunged in. I needed a total of six, small and close together. Don't look too closely. But they are done and the ribbon is laced through them. The next time I make this pattern, I believe I'll make the front bodice a solid piece and skip the lace-up; there is enough else going on with the dress that I don't think it is essential.

Here's the back view. The joy of this particular dress, I believe, is the hemline. It's just delicious. I don't know if you can tell that the underskirt and the bodice are made from a larger floral and the ties and overskirt from the smaller print.

It wasn't difficult at all to do. The next time I make one, I'll use fabrics with more contrast.

In the works now is a peach dot long-sleeve version of the Peasant Blouse for the Princess to wear under the Fairy Tale dress until the weather is warm enough for a sundress.

I'm remembering some of the little dresses I made for Caroline's mom when she was four. And wishing I still had a couple of those patterns. I imagine that before too long I'll be headed to Joanne's to look at what Simplicity and McCalls are offering now for little girls. It is so much fun to sew for them!

Saturday, February 25, 2012

What the Well-Dressed Peasant is Wearing?

Oh, it's a terrible picture, and I wish it weren't! I've had such fun this weekend. I stopped at the LQS on the way home from work on Friday, having purchased and downloaded a couple of patterns through Craftsy. I was looking for bright fabrics, but what I found and loved was far from bright.

This Peasant Skirt has two layers. The top layer is ballerinas and that layer has a delicious rick-rack edge. The under layer is ballet shoes. And the Peasant Blouse is made from the ballet shoes. I imagine it can be worn tucked in or left over the skirt -- we'll see when the recipient tries them on. The back of the blouse has some dear little ties, too.

I've got a sage/peach/pink floral dress in progress now, and am up to the point of needing to make the buttonholes -- six of 'em -- in the bodice front. I used to be a wiz at buttonholes back in the days of my Kenmore, but since I got my Bernina (golly, it's been more than fifteen years now!), I've not had good luck with them. Tonight I used iron-on interfacing and made a trial buttonhole and it turned out pretty well. Tomorrow when the light is good, I'm going to make one more trial and then plunge in. Then it is putting the skirt on, and a couple of other tiny things, and viola! we'll have a Fairy Tale dress!

I bought some peach to  make a blouse for her to wear under the dress until the weather is warm enough to go without. I'll start that once the dress is done.

This is such fun!

Friday, February 24, 2012


Well, friends, I went to Google images to see what I could find for "1400" and what I found was


lots and lots of


and some sneakers

so I decided to post this picture because I plan to spend my weekend attempting to make this darling dress for Caroline's upcoming fourth birfday. Somehow, either through trolling blogs or through Pinterest, I discovered this pattern, available through and had to have it. Stopping at LQS today to pick out some fabric and hope to be cutting this evening!

Okay, so the winner of my 1400 give-away is Grace who blogs here. Grace, dear, if you'll email me your snail mail address, I'll get your chicken and stuff out to you on Monday. But not tomorrow, because I'm going to be making the Fairy Tale Dress and accompanying Peasant blouse. I sure hope to have some pics to share when the weekend's over!

Monday, February 20, 2012

1399 and Counting

A day off from work is a good day indeed. Make in part of a three-day weekend that involves a day of sewing with twenty-four other women, and it is nothing short of spectacular.

Today I got Grandmother Morris finished. Sewed the rows together ever so carefully. There are a lot of points to worry about. And they all behaved. Beautifully.

After trolling the internet to get the best price for the fabric I wanted for the border, I found said best price ($8.70/yard) at The Old Country Store. Briefly I considered scheduling a drive out there for today, taking Himself along and treating him to lunch at The Kling House. Common sense prevailed, however; I ordered the fabric and it was in my mailbox when I came home from the sewing day on Saturday. I adore this border fabric. Himself thought I needed a row of white before the border and I didn't think so. I've never done this before and for this project, it works.

Once Grandmother was taken care of, Stars in Their Eyes, for Brian and Erin, returned to the foreground. I'd sewn the third row to the top instead of to the bottom, and spent some time frogging it one night this past week and this afternoon got it sewn back on. In the right place this time. And in short order, row four was also sewn on. The pattern calls for five rows, but this is supposed to be a back-of-the-sofa quilt, not a skimpy bed quilt, and I think four rows by four rows is right. The quilt finishes at 64" square. It is next up to go to the machinist. Grandmother Morris will loiter in the pile of flimsies until she is needed.

Well, yes, the post title is "1399 and Counting." This is, indeed, my 1399th blog post and in anticipation of 1400 coming up later in the week, it seemed some sort of a giveaway was in order. I have a copy of Volume 2 of 100 blocks that I bought when it first came out; I've not done anything with it but peruse. There are a couple of patterns, too, that were freebies the last time the Executive Committee went to Burkholder's.

Oh, and there's a chicken. At the quilt day on Saturday, there were gift bags and they included chicken pin cushions.

The organizers had made additional chicken pin cushions and were selling them to benefit the Elisabeth Circle at the church, the group that makes charity quilts. I'd had a wonderful day and wanted to support Elisabeth. So I bought a couple of chickens. One is for Honna, who wasn't able to attend. And the other goes to the give-away winner.

Here's a close up of the patterns. The book, the chicken, and the patterns comprise the giveaway for post #1400. If you are interested, leave a comment and we'll see what happens. Please don't post giveaway on your blog; it's for my regular readers. Just us chickens, in a  manner of speaking.

Sunday, February 19, 2012

It Started on Facebook, of All Places

She works where I work, but our paths never crossed. She works in a location as far from mine as can be. I'd see her in the cafeteria occasionally and I knew her name. But that was all. Then one day that name popped up on my Suggested Friends list and I thought, "Why not?" At least that's how I remember it.

And through Facebook, I came to know this amazing, funny to the point of hilarious, clever, sensitive, bright (oh quit blushing if you are reading this!) woman. She and her partner are the generous people who gave us the kitchen, rocking horse, and dollhouse for our grandchildren. And expected nothing in return other than photographs of the kids using them.

When the crumb-people bug bit me, I knew I wanted to make that kind of a quilt for them. It started out being called Rogues' Gallery but somewhere along the line became known as It Takes All Kinds. You can see some of the people by clicking on the picture to make it bigger. We're giving it to them this weekend. I can't wait.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Grandmother Morris

My twenty Granny Squares are sewn.

They are almost intolerably adorable.

Next step, trimming and sashing.

And, of course, getting back to Stars In Their Eyes which was put on hold once Grandmother Morris showed up.

Monday, February 13, 2012

Hopping Along With a New Project

I've been working diligently and having fun at the same time, making the 20 Granny Square blocks. Seventeen of them are up on the wall, and if my back hadn't become tired, I'd prolly be downstairs even now, finishing the remaining three.

Meanwhile, I've become captivated by -- oh, my! -- a new BOM! And rather than being beaucoups expensive with patterns and fabrics coming each month in the mail, this one is a freebie! A new-to-me blogger, Michelle May at The Raspberry Rabbit (don't you just LOVE the name!) is both talented and generous. She's designing a year-long project based on two of her family members, Hannah and Harrington, and will be posting a new block pattern each month. She has fabric and thread kits available for purchase, and they are, IMHO, very reasonably priced.

Our kids all had stuffed rabbits for their bedtime companions (White Bunny, Brown Bunny, and Fast Bunny, respectively) and I've bought a bunny for each of the grandchildren so far. This project, therefore, is destined to be mine. And we've all learned long ago not to argue with our destinies, now, haven't we?

Saturday, February 11, 2012

And Then There Were Six

Six of 'em. All lined up at attention on my design wall. Looking so crisp and sweet.

Fourteen more are cut, and now that I've made a few, I don't have to lay them out and can use them as Leader-Enders with another project.

Stars in Their Eyes is nearly together. And It Takes All Kinds just needs to have her ties trimmed.

So I'm just a-wonderin' what WISP will stand up and  demand attention catch my eye?

Wednesday, February 08, 2012

ADQD* Strikes Again

Well, I was moving right along on the Brian and Erin quilt, having finished all of the blocks and having them all lined up on the design wall just the way I want them.

I was also working on a secret project that will be revealed Someday.

And upstairs, I finally got the quilt I'd been calling Rogues' Gallery sandwiched and tied and in that process realized that the name was all wrong; it actually should be called "It Takes All Kinds." I've got the binding halfway on and hope to have a photo sometime during the weekend.

So tonight I went downstairs fully intending to put the Brian/Erin blocks together. And came across a tutorial that some generous soul had posted recently. And had to make a granny square. I'm loving it. I'm using FQs that didn't make the cut for Brian/Erin and only need nineteen more for a lap quilt!

*Attention Deficit Quilting Disorder

Sunday, February 05, 2012

Fun Stuff

I had great plans that involved getting Rogues Gallery pinned into a quilt sandwich and starting the tying. But instead I made a pair of pot holders out of scraps from Stars in Their Eyes to give to a friend who was generous to me earlier in the week.

Then I made a mug rug for another friend. Just because.

All of the blocks for Stars in Their Eyes are finished. It is supposed to be 4x5 blocks. They measure 16" finished, and I believe that to be too big for a back-of-the-sofa quilt. So it will be 4x4, finishing at 64" x 64".

Sam's Quilt Was Well Received

Saturday, February 04, 2012

Two Occasions: Two Quilts

My niece has become engaged to a wonderful, wonderful man, and the wedding is to take place in just a little over a month. She's been a single mom for more than a dozen years, and everyone is delighted that she has met Mister Right and his two darling children.

The wedding invitation came and said something like "No gifts please" and suggested contributions to a particular charity. Which makes sense, since two households are merging and there couldn't possibly be anything they'd need.

Except a quilt, I think. I've never been good about being obedient in these kinds of situations. And besides, when I posted a picture of "Good Morning, Starshine" on Facebook, she admired it.

Our dear Sam turned six this past week, his birthday neatly sandwiched precisely midway between his mother's and mine. Six already! Where have the years gone?

Sam is a regular at Sunday School, and seems to enjoy church activities and Bible stories. At one point not too long ago, he had quite an interest in Adam and Eve.

I'd made the Jan Patek Bible Quilt long before Sam was born, and had packed it away until I knew the right recipient for it. Now I know! Happy Birthday, dear Sammy -- Happy Birthday to you!

Thought for the Day

Thanks to Karen!

Thursday, February 02, 2012

Peculiar American Holidays

My relative posted on Facebook this morning about trying to explain Groundhog Day to her new neighbors who moved here from Finland. When you begin with "Well, we coax a rodent out of a hole in the ground . . . ." and receive in return incredulous stares, I'd think you'd pretty much give up.

But all too soon, this very Sunday, in fact, you'd find yourselves saying something like, "Well, the game itself isn't that interesting, but wait until you see the commercials!" Enough to send Emilia and Matias right back to Helsinki.

Wednesday, February 01, 2012

NP to Near DC, One Day

My grandson has had a mighty head cold for much of the past week. I sent his quilt yesterday from the Mailboxes place near where I work; the lady there said it would reach him today. She was right.

It appears he likes it.

Tonight I finished up the four-patch centers of the alternate blocks for Stars In Their Eyes and got the solid cream borders on them. I have all of the 2.5" blocks I need for the two pieced borders on these blocks and tomorrow will start that phase.

I had some random scraps after cutting everything from the Morris and Company fabrics for this quilt, so last night I made a quick mug rug for the bride to be and took it to her this morning. She approved.