Two Occasions: Two Quilts

My niece has become engaged to a wonderful, wonderful man, and the wedding is to take place in just a little over a month. She's been a single mom for more than a dozen years, and everyone is delighted that she has met Mister Right and his two darling children.

The wedding invitation came and said something like "No gifts please" and suggested contributions to a particular charity. Which makes sense, since two households are merging and there couldn't possibly be anything they'd need.

Except a quilt, I think. I've never been good about being obedient in these kinds of situations. And besides, when I posted a picture of "Good Morning, Starshine" on Facebook, she admired it.

Our dear Sam turned six this past week, his birthday neatly sandwiched precisely midway between his mother's and mine. Six already! Where have the years gone?

Sam is a regular at Sunday School, and seems to enjoy church activities and Bible stories. At one point not too long ago, he had quite an interest in Adam and Eve.

I'd made the Jan Patek Bible Quilt long before Sam was born, and had packed it away until I knew the right recipient for it. Now I know! Happy Birthday, dear Sammy -- Happy Birthday to you!


Perfect... love the way windows open in our lives and these things become apparent.
antique quilter said…
oh how perfect! I bet Sam will love this quilt
so kind of you to give it away, its a beautiful quilt
Janet O. said…
You have the perfect gift for each situation--even the "no gifts" one. Who doesn't need a quilt. These are both beautiful quilts--so different, but wonderful in their own way.
Why doesn't it come as a surprise that you have a hard time following that kind of request for "no gifts"?
Lori said…
I think my niece and nephews are doing the same with my Bible quilt. How fun! Looks like Sam loves it!!
Pat said…
Tour quilts are always lovely, but these are exceptional! I just spoke with the Quilt Fairy, and she said it was perfectly OK to ignore the "no gifts" rule (not that you EVER need her permission for anything!).
Mrs. Goodneedle said…
Well there you go, finding the absolute most perfect gifts for the best occasions. SIX? REALLY??
That bible quilt is exquisite - a treasure to keep. I wonder if he still has that book I sent him, which qwas illustrated a la quilt pictures..
Tanya said…
Those are both such beautiful quilts! I don't know which one I like better!