Well, friends, I went to Google images to see what I could find for "1400" and what I found was


lots and lots of


and some sneakers

so I decided to post this picture because I plan to spend my weekend attempting to make this darling dress for Caroline's upcoming fourth birfday. Somehow, either through trolling blogs or through Pinterest, I discovered this pattern, available through Craftsy.com and had to have it. Stopping at LQS today to pick out some fabric and hope to be cutting this evening!

Okay, so the winner of my 1400 give-away is Grace who blogs here. Grace, dear, if you'll email me your snail mail address, I'll get your chicken and stuff out to you on Monday. But not tomorrow, because I'm going to be making the Fairy Tale Dress and accompanying Peasant blouse. I sure hope to have some pics to share when the weekend's over!


Janet O. said…
Congrats to my friend, Grace!
What a sweet, sweet dress, Nancy. Can't wait to see your version!
Quiltdivajulie said…
Precious dress!!! I know you are going to have SUCH fun making one this weekend (and it would be lovely to see the birthday girl wearing her beautiful dress one day soon)
Jindi's Cottage said…
Congratulations on 1400! Who'd have thought...motorcycles and sneakers!...hope the dress and blouse project has gone well, looking forward to seeing the pics...