Fun Stuff

I had great plans that involved getting Rogues Gallery pinned into a quilt sandwich and starting the tying. But instead I made a pair of pot holders out of scraps from Stars in Their Eyes to give to a friend who was generous to me earlier in the week.

Then I made a mug rug for another friend. Just because.

All of the blocks for Stars in Their Eyes are finished. It is supposed to be 4x5 blocks. They measure 16" finished, and I believe that to be too big for a back-of-the-sofa quilt. So it will be 4x4, finishing at 64" x 64".


Janet O. said…
I love the fabric in those potholders. Who is the little creature peeking out of the mug rug? I couldn't tell even when I enlarged the photo.
Pat said…
Mrs. Goodneedle sure did start something with those potholders! These are wonderful, as is the mug rug.

inverti: a belly button that goes IN
Air Cleaner said…
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Mrs. Goodneedle said…
Love your creativity, my friend; well done... and I am sure these will be well received too!